“See, now you’re drinking the Kool-Aid but you’re chuggin’ it through your butt.”

The show returns to “normal” this week as Brandon, Josh, Eric and Harrison play a three hour game of pop culture catch-up. Get ready for some lengthy jibber-jabber on X-Men comics, Remember Me, Final Fantasy XIVBravely Default, Batman: Arkham Origins and the recently opened beta for Titanfall. Then, after the break, the gang discusses the online phenomenon that is “Twitch Plays Pokemon” and the seemingly impossible-to-hate Lego Movie before letting Josh finally hold court in response to the sheer tungsten-scrotum’d audacity of Nintendo’s recent investors meeting. Plus, listener emails!

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“Is it called the devil dot hell dot com?”

It’s JKP’s annual pre-Valentine’s episode, and you know what that means: Zack is hosting– and, miraculously, the whole gang is here to join the “fun!”

Grab your smart-people-glasses for another voyage through Z-Time, featuring Christmas in February, old cartoons, pizza launchers, and a comic no one should ever reference out loud. Then settle in for a nice, long, extra-beefy assortment of listener emails about Mega Man, Sly Cooper, vigilantes, sidekicks, amazing leaps in ALF simulation technology and a whole lot more.

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“So according to this, everybody’s gonna NOT choose accordion legs! This is not a difficult choice!”

The Backward Compatibles are here! Jenny and Allison join the roundtable alongside Brandon, Tom, Harrison and Eric this week for a lively back-and-forth about all manner of topics, including: DoubleFine’s backer-released Broken Age, a return to some popular Kickstarter games, the exciting new Steam Machines and 3D Printers to come out of CES, Nintendo’s fiscal nosedive, the success of Awesome Games Done Quick 2014, gender-biased Adventure Time Happy Meal toys, and the surprising appeal of Frozen. Come, join us, and let’s all fall in love with 1993 Elijah Wood… together.

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“Well, Master Bruce, my parents are totally fine…

Grab some nog and join us for a very merry podcast this week as Brandon, Harrison, Josh and Eric close out the calendar year with the crushing disappointment of Grid 2, the latest news from Nintendo (including the totally unexpected Hyrule Warriors reveal), and a lengthy conversation about the cancellation of Beware the Batman. Plus, a listener emails segment in which we revisit the greatest games of this past generation!

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“He just gave you something you can’t enjoy!”

Get ready to learn some special Craigslist codewords this week as Brandon, Eric and Harrison wax philosophic on baseball stadiums (what?), this Friday’s impending PS4 launch, and Sonic Lost World. Then, after the break, Harrison takes a passionate stance against Pacific Rim, Brandon and Eric give glowing endorsements for Thor: The Dark World, and everyone discusses Marvel’s new/current plans for televised superheroics and Legend of Korra’s second season. Plus, listener emails about Disney World, dogs and Ender’s Game!

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“It means a lot to me that you’re offering me platitudes.”

Boo and etc., JKPeers!  Tune in this week for a very Halloweeny episode and play along** as Harrison faces his own waking nightmare: Brandon, Josh and Eric enjoying a lengthy discussion about the new Captain America: The Winter Soldier trailer. This is followed by glowing endorsements of Gone Home and The Stanley Parable, praise for The Protomen, instructions for crafting your own home stereo, and a warning towards cursing cartoon characters. Plus, listener emails– including advice on making actual guns and some absolutely incredible (and undeniably irresponsible) Halloween costumes.

**Every time Eric derails the conversation, eat a piece of candy!

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“Shields are down, Captain! We’re out of sunglasses! We’re venting drive-Fonzie!”

Sit back, point and laugh with Harrison at Brandon, Josh and Eric as they snub the weekend’s New York Comic-Con news in favor of Pokemon X & Y, The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, un-furry webcomics and exciting new anime debuts. Plus: prop scammers, Star Trek references, and a few listener emails– including the conception of the world’s first (and likely last) JKP Convention!

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“Pepperidge Farm remembers.”

Brandon, Harrison, Josh and Eric reevaluate the hearts and souls of the Game Grumps, share the reality behind the now-infamous Volpin Props Marriott carpet cosplay cease-and-desist, and further explore the world of Final Fantasy XIV. Then, after the break, the gang inexplicably talks about work for 20 minutes before diving into Grand Theft Auto V and last week’s big reveals for Valve’s SteamOS, Steam Machines, and Steam Controller. Finally, a great big pile of listener emails about cars, bronies, comics, time travel assassinations, Sonic, Diablo, NFC figures, snakes and more bring the show home.

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Human sweat burritos, marshmallow buttholes and plenty of bung for everyone!

It’s a special post-con episode this week as our regular roster and a lineup of special guests join the show for a long weekend of friends, family, costumes, cosplay, sad boobs, glad boobs, coin-repelling butts, propmaking, drink-taking, Adam Savage, chipmunk heaven, and convention-themed trivia.

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“Paul Blart Mall Cop Plall Blarp Maoglop Parblarmakap!”

It’s all hands on deck this week (for a solid half hour or so, anyway) as Brandon, Harrison, Josh, Eric, Zack and Tom discuss the oddball allure of SaltyBet, the gameplay of Dragons Crown, the impending launch of the long-awaited reboot for Final Fantasy XIV, and the surprisingly engaging story of the MMO-themed anime Sword Art Online. Plus, listener emails!

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