Jump Kick Punch! Ep.182: The Ultimate Wrangle



“I’m an adult, and that means getting mad at video games.”

We’re wranglin’ nerds, saving kittens and getting tattoos! Join Brandon, Josh and Tom on the eve of this year’s San Diego Comic-Con as they cast the Sonic the Hedgehog movie, celebrate a new take on Batgirl and a more diverse Marvel universe, play some Hearthstone, crush on Hatsune Miku, and welcome the latest additions to the Smash roster. Plus– a whole lot of listener emails!

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Jump Kick Punch! Ep.181: Following Donutsaurus


“I self-identify as a painted baby boat.”

This week’s show finds Brandon, Eric and Harrison welcoming Zack back to the table for an evening of potato salad Kickstarters and a few recent games (like Entwined and Shovel Knight). Then, after the break, Emily joins the show to heap praise upon How to Train Your Dragon 2 (MAJOR spoiler warnings!) and the gang answers some last-second listener emails that almost didn’t happen.

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Jump Kick Punch! Ep.180: Holodeck Film Noir



“Look at the stupid future!”

Harrison is back from his first-ever E3 and Brandon, Eric and Tom have oh so many questions. Which booths had the shortest lines? Who had the most comfortable-looking uniform?? What the hell is Hohokum??? Where was Randy Pitchford???? Most of these answers and more (or less) await within, plus: a bit of Transistor and some listener emails.

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Jump Kick Punch! Ep.179: The E3 No-No Zone



“If you wanna make checkers you can make checkers because you’re a fucking maniac.”

E3 2014 is here! The big press conferences came and went, and now it falls to Brandon, Eric, Josh, Tom, Jen and rather-special-guest Tyler (yes, that Tyler) to dissect, digest and re-deliver. From highlights to hiccups, from trailers to teases, no stone is left unturned and no reveal goes unmentioned! Settle in for a nice, long episode, folks. And hey– Happy E3!

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Jump Kick Punch! Ep.178: Gum Up the Buttworks




E3 2014 is nigh! Tune in as Brandon, Tom and Eric seize this final opportunity to pool their collective wits, peer into the future and predict which major surprises haven’t already been announced. Plus: a little godzilla, a little Batman/Ant Man movie chatter, and some listener emails featuring an E3 prediction contest! With actual winners and everything!

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Sibley Put: “Consoles Are On the Way Out.” Uh, About That…


I’m glad that I sat on this article for a while. Recently Irrational Games closed, saying that Ken Levine and fifteen dudes would henceforth be working on smaller titles. This brought a lot of things into sharp contrast, the big one being that maybe AAA games on consoles ARE in danger of oblivion, just not for the reasons most reactionaries have stated. So my original thesis remains essentially unchanged: Yes, tons of studios have closed, and almost every single one of them was due to them being run poorly, doing something stupid, or being bought out, FORCED to do something stupid, THEN closed. There’s almost not a single instance of a game being really good, the studio being really smart, and then closing because no one cared… at least in my collection.

With that in mind, I thought it would be a good idea to go through my collection of games from last generation and see what’s happened to the companies that made them.

Jump Kick Punch! Ep.177: The Colony Drop



“Well, now you’re not invited anymore.”

Enjoy a low-key episode this week as Harrison tempers excitement for his first (and sudden) E3 trip, Brandon likes the look of Sunset Overdrive and Eric tries to hawk his ticket to the Shatterdome. Plus, a little chatter about Nintendo’s figure-based NFC strategy and a whole mess of listener emails– in which Brandon and Harrison don’t want your money for complicated and probably stupid reasons.

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Jump Kick Punch! Ep.176: A Metaphor for Cookies



“It’s like we’re really reading Neogaf.”

Brandon may be sick this week, but that certainly won’t stop him (or Josh, Eric and “Todd”) from grabbing the microphones to ensure another quality episode! Tune in to hear Tom talk about his hands-on impressions of Wildstar, let Josh share his latest Heroclix adventure (with a side order of comic and movie news), and follow along with Eric as he explains the controversial new episodes of Game of Thrones (spoiler and trigger warnings!). Then, to bring things home, Josh gives yet another JKPrediction about Nintendo’s future. Plus: listener emails!

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Jump Kick Punch! Ep.175: Check Your Privilege



“That’s the Josh talking.”

It’s JKP’s 175th episode sort-of spectacular! Pour yourself a bottle of ‘Josh’ while Brandon, Eric, Zack, Josh, Harrison and Tom discuss Captain America: The Winter Soldier and the Nintendo news trifecta of Mario Kart 8, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS and the out-of-nowhere localization for Tomodachi Life. Then get ready to learn about Steven Universe and Patrick Rothfuss’s The Name of the Wind before we get to the real meat of this week’s special episode– lister emails and, making a bold return to the show, listener voicemails!

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That’s right, JKPeers– voicemails are back.

To celebrate our 175th episode, we’re opening the floodgates back up and inviting you, our listening audience, to call in and leave a personal question, comment or criticism to be shared and addressed during the next podcast. Just call 714-340-5425, sit through the ringing and leave a message after the beep.


I know a lot of you newer listeners are upset that you missed this feature in year one of the show, so let’s give it another shot; if all goes well, maybe we’ll keep this open long-term. I can’t promise that we’ll respond to all of them, but I’m pretty sure we’ll get something special out of this one way or another.

Go nuts, you goofballs. (And rest in peace, Ultimate Warrior.)

Jump Kick Punch! Ep.174: Consciously Stupid



“I just wanna know which reddit thread that opinion came from.”

Hope you kids like anime, ’cause this week is chock full of the stuff. Pull up a chair as Brandon, Eric, Harrison and Cody discuss April Fools’ Day pranks, Facebook’s $2billion purchase of Oculus VR, some apparently very exciting Gundam news and the poorly-received reveal trailer for Michael Bay’s TMNT. Then, after the break, we celebrate indie games with some Goat Simulator, Luftrausers and Thomas Was Alone before diving into a post-run review of Kill La Kill (beware heavy spoilers!). Plus, as always: listener emails!

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