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JKP! Ep.215: My Name is Ishmael

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JKP! Ep.214: Dragon*Con Propcast II: Prop the Mic

“Jump Kick Punch: What else are you gonna do?” It’s our second LIVE Dragon*Con panel! Professional thing-makers Harrison Krix (of Volpin Props) and Bill Doran (of Punished Props) join Brandon, Eric, Josh and Tom for... Read More

JKP! Ep.213: He Dood It

“Everyone ‘dood it’ to everyone.” If you’ve been waiting patiently for another Brandon/Josh episode… this is your week, fella. You made it. As Dragon*Con looms ever-closer and the curse of August claims JKPeers left and right, this... Read More

JKP! Ep.212: Grumpy Del Taco

“This is how this episode’s gonna go, by the way.” Join Brandon, Josh and Eric as they take some time out of their Monday evening to eulogize the newest Fantastic Four reboot, dish on Microsoft’s Gamescom showing... Read More

JKP! Ep.211: The Sound of Gum

“Put this marketing in your mouth… and chew on it.” July is almost over and the table’s lookin’ mighty empty, so Brandon, Tom and Eric are kickin’ back and letting the conversation hang out as they discuss the last two... Read More

JKP! Ep.210: Exhaustingly Stupid

“Do you want us to describe Goku’s shirt again?” Strap into those safety harnesses, JKPeers; it’s a three-hour roller coaster of emotions this week. Join Brandon, Josh, Tom, Liz and Cody as they discuss and digest this year’s... Read More

JKP! Ep.209: Nope Nope Nope

“…and that’s exactly when the Adderall wore off.” Shake off those post-E3 blues with Brandon, Eric, Josh, Liz and Harrison as they get some eyewitness accounts of the show floor, make some live preparations for San Diego Comic-Con, and share a survival... Read More

JKP! Ep.208: Sony Wins at E3 2015

JKP’s “3 for E3” episodes conclude with Sony’s jaw-dropping show-stopper of a press conference! Miracles are real, and Sony backed up a truck full of cash for the exclusive rights. Listen in as Brandon, Josh, Tom,... Read More

JKP! Ep.207: Softly Microsoft at E3 2015

JKP’s “3 for E3” episodes continue with reactions to the Microsoft Xbox Briefing! Brandon, Josh, Tom, Jen and Tyler keep the E3 train rolling ever-onward with an hour and a half of Halo 5, bonkers new... Read More

JKP! Ep.206: Nintendidn’t at E3 2015

JKP! is going 3 for E3! Three companies, three conferences, three hour-and-a-half episodes for your listening pleasure. Brandon, Josh, Jenny and returning special guest Tyler kick things off with Nintendo, dissecting their scattershot showing this year that included... Read More
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