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JKP! Ep.234: E3 2016

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JKP! Ep.233: Don’t Be Baka Gaijin

“He gave you, like, the BEST thank you!” Guess which lion-faced heartthrob is back from Japan! Brandon and Eric are joined by a second, auxiliary Eric– longtime listener Eric Jarman of Jarman Props— to bask in wide-eyed wonderment... Read More

JKP! Ep.232: Didn’t Take

“Ze Libyans!” This week’s show starts out sad as Brandon, Liz, Eric, Josh and Harrison bid farewell to comic book visionary Darwyn Cooke and, much less importantly, The Muppets and Disney Infinity. Then, after the break, we GUSH... Read More

JKP! Ep.231: Stay in the Lanes

“I understand we’re all shitting for the fun of shitting…” Bill Doran of Punished Props (and our last few Dragon*Con panels) joins Brandon, Josh, Eric, Tom, Jen and his friendly rival Harrison for a rowdy group... Read More

JKP! Ep.230: Can’t Wait to Hate

“Please don’t confuse me with jerking off.” Hope you guys like trailers, ’cause Brandon, Liz, Harrison and Tom are here to talk about a bunch of movies that aren’t even close to coming out yet. The Emoji... Read More

JKP! Ep.229: Apologymnastics

“…and it’s almost as good as real buttons.” What an eventful two weeks! My goodness! Best to get right to the jibber-jabber with Brandon, Josh and Tom as they tackle fake NX controllers, rumored PS4 upgrades, and... Read More

JKP! Ep.228: No Crazy Pizzas

“Well, possibly how dare you!” What smells like olives and pineapple? Why, it must be a VERY SPECIAL live episode of JKP! That’s right– we tempted fate and turned on the webcams for another recording– this... Read More

JKP! Ep.227: The Baby Dimension

“I thought you said there was Beef Mountain!” In this week’s episode, Brandon, Eric and Liz will identify their favorite cartoon ducks and learn to accept carrots of all colors! They start with a breakdown of the latest... Read More

JKP! Ep.226: Kid Dwacula

“How do you shit a president to death?” Hewwo, JKPeews! Wewcome to anover podcast episowd! Join Brandon, Josh, Tom and Liz as they invite Eric back to the podcast for a series of heated debates over The Expanse, The... Read More

JKP! Ep.225: Punch That Guy (It’s Z-Time!)

“How’s the health coverage at this job? Because I have to lick the pirate.” It’s that time of year, children… Z-Day has arrived and Zack has taken the reins once again! This year, Charleston (formerly Tom), Chunnywig... Read More
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