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JKP! Ep.224: Crunch Wrath Supreme

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JKP! Ep.223: My Buddy

“Wherever I go…” Brandon, Josh and Liz are here to pay their respects to our dearly departed Starman, David Bowie. He would want us to soldier on and keep it weird, however, so fret not– there’s... Read More

JKP! Ep.222: Abrams’ Lucky Charms

“Moist. Because of Star Wars.” Join Brandon, Heidi, Harrison, Josh, Tom and Liz as they discuss every agonizing detail of Star Wars: The Force Awakens! Learn why it doesn’t matter if Rey is a Mary Sue! Guess... Read More

JKP! Ep.221: The Lucas Gravy Haze

“NO! I won’t EAT IT unless it looks like STAR WARS!” Happy Holidays, JKPeers! Deck the halls with Brandon, Josh, Harrison and Zack for one last Force Awakens discussion before the movie actually comes out and... Read More

JKP! Ep.220: Super Pretend

“It’s like, except none of them f-ck.” Brandon, Josh and Tom are here to waste even more precious podcast minutes talking about Star Wars, chime in on the surprising return of Mystery Science Theater 3000, and discover a... Read More

JKP! Ep.219: Rooty Toots 5

“CONDEMNATION from the Nation of Sensitive Boys…” Get yourself some of that “Pikachu glow” this week by joining Brandon, Tom and Liz for a three hour celebration of Holiday-themed cereal jingles… oh, and also the latest Nintendo Direct... Read More

JKP! Ep.218: The Ravioli Highway

“Don’t put that in your mouth, moron.” Welcome to November! Join Brandon, Liz, Tom, Josh and Zack as they record a happy little podcast about celebrity Halloween freak shows, the zeitgeist surrounding Twitch’s Bob Ross marathon,... Read More

JKP! Ep.217: True Spookums

“Hope y’liked it, Carl!” It’s Halloween, sort of! It’s the Back to the Future future! It’s both of those things and more in our newest episode as Brandon, Josh, Tom and Jenny discuss Crimson Peak, Pan, Valve’s... Read More

JKP! Ep.216: Download a Table

“What, did you fuck up slightly?” Welcome to the Dogcast! This week’s show finds Brandon, Tom, Josh, Harrison, Eric and special guest Marina discussing some fresh-eyed impressions of Fire Emblem: Awakening, a disappointing review of Dragon Age:... Read More

JKP! Ep.215: My Name is Ishmael

“Seriously, spiral-cut honey glazed? Best.” Welcome to another crowded podcast episode on this, the ONLY website on the Internet! Brandon, Liz, Tom, Josh, Zack and Harrison have survived another annual Summer convention gauntlet and are super ready to... Read More
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