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JKP! Ep.209: Nope Nope Nope

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JKP! Ep.208: Sony Wins at E3 2015

JKP’s “3 for E3″ episodes conclude with Sony’s jaw-dropping show-stopper of a press conference! Miracles are real, and Sony backed up a truck full of cash for the exclusive rights. Listen in as Brandon, Josh, Tom,... Read More

JKP! Ep.207: Softly Microsoft at E3 2015

JKP’s “3 for E3″ episodes continue with reactions to the Microsoft Xbox Briefing! Brandon, Josh, Tom, Jen and Tyler keep the E3 train rolling ever-onward with an hour and a half of Halo 5, bonkers new... Read More

JKP! Ep.206: Nintendidn’t at E3 2015

JKP! is going 3 for E3! Three companies, three conferences, three hour-and-a-half episodes for your listening pleasure. Brandon, Josh, Jenny and returning special guest Tyler kick things off with Nintendo, dissecting their scattershot showing this year that included... Read More

JKP! Ep.205: The Crux of the F*ckery

“I’m sorry, I had Taco Bell. It makes me mean.” Pull up a chair and join an already crowded table with Brandon, Eric, Tom, Josh, Zack and special guests Liz and Dan for an episode that... Read More

JKP! Ep.204: Mind Poison

“What about compared this and does it including last year, as well?” Why is this week’s episode almost four grueling hours in length? What a good question! Prepare for no reasonable answer as Brandon, Josh,... Read More

JKP! Ep.203: A Giant Crack in the Veneer

“I wasn’t what you would call a very ‘fun’ child.” This week: Brandon, Heidi, Liz, Tom, Harrison and Josh talk about their recent adventures from opposing coastlines! Enjoy a virtual vacation as the group describes the ups,... Read More

JKP! Ep.202: Prescription Excitement Chocolate

“I got a fuckin’ chicken sandwich today like an idiot! Like a fool.” Grab your biggest hitch, folks, because Brandon, Eric and Tom are going to take you on a whirlwind tour of trailers, trailers... Read More

JKP! Ep.201: Wake Up, Handsome Friends

“I’m gonna punch you so hard that I get fired from Top Gear.” So begins the slow, sad march to 300. Join Brandon, Harrison, the Wu-Tom Clan and Eric this week as they try to figure out what’s... Read More

JKP! Ep.200: The Live Disaster

“You did this to yourself.” Episode Double Hundred! We made it! We came limping and screaming over the finish line, but we made it! Get ready for a lengthy intro and plenty of apologizing before... Read More
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