Jump Kick Punch! Ep.198: Celebrate Z-Day



“Love it to the limit… and then love it again.”

It’s that time again– and this year is bigger and better than ever! Witness the birth of America’s new favorite holiday as Zandon, Zeric, Zosh, Zenny, Zeidi and Z-Dubs are tortured delighted by their master of ceremonies, Zack, and his elaborate/mandatory traditions. Learn: about the great and bountiful loins of Zarabekshi! Learn: the best ways to confess your nerdly zins! Learn: how NOT to make a brownie! And more!

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Jump Kick Punch! Ep.197: Widen Your Mind



“You owe the city $400,000 for littering.”

Heads up, JKP historians: the original quartet is back this week! Say hello to Brandon, Zack, Josh and Tom (in that order of appearance) as they say goodbye to action choreography virtuoso Monty Oum, gaming blog Joystiq (or do we?) and most of SEGA of America. Then, after the break, Josh uncorks his second “complaint jug” to finish our assessment of the Korra finale and, as per usual, listener emails are addressed.

This week’s intermission/outro are from GameChops’ Spindash tribute album. Check it out!

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Jump Kick Punch! Ep.196: Warm Cookie Town



“Stare deep into the taint of Bendis!”

Surprise, JKPeers– Zack is here, and he’s banished any and all Korra discussions for another two weeks! Brace yourself as he swoops in to tell Brandon, Eric, Tom, Jen and Josh about the highlights of Spider-verse, recall a recent celebrity encounter and recommend a few good comic books. Then, after the break, Brandon tries to talk about Nintendo before abandoning hope and opening the floor to some listener emails.

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Jump Kick Punch! Ep.195: Tim Horton Poutine Xrd



“I got, like, two cylinders. Can you believe it??”

JKP begins its sixth year of podcasting in suitable fashion with Josh whipping out his “complaint jugs” to educate Brandon, Eric, Tom and Harrison on The Legend of Korra’s finale, network censorship and the unavoidable entertainment apocalypse. Then, after the break, enjoy some extremely rare JKP car talk, get Tom’s report on how the Smite World Championship went and learn which games the gang has been playing lately. Oh, and listener emails!

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Jump Kick Punch! Ep.194: A Fistful of Fist



“This is a very weird game of touch football.”

Happy Merry once again, JKPeers! Join Brandon, Josh and first-time guest Ena(???) from Hi-Rez Studios as they celebrate the holiday season by discussing Sony’s unfortunate The Interview disaster and the latest news on Final Fantasy XV from Jump Festa. Then, after the break, enjoy some oven-fresh enthusiasm for Smash Bros., Evolve and Five Nights at Freddy’s. Oh, and a great big mess of listener emails!

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Jump Kick Punch! Ep.193: Most Clicks Baited



“I don’t listen to most things.”

Goodness gracious, what a weekend! Join Brandon, Eric, Tom, Josh and Harrison as they recap the ups, downs and in-betweens of Geoff Keighley’s latest Video Game Awards show and Sony’s first-ever Playstation Experience. Then, after the break, hold your breath as we dive into Dragon Age: Inquisition, Shadow of Mordor, and revisit a bit of Borderlands: the Pre-Sequel.

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Jump Kick Punch! Ep.192: The Bus of 30



“You’d probably love the first five minutes of it.”

This week: Josh has some hilarious observations about the world of Pokemon! Eric is immediately displeased with Dragon Age: Inquisition! Brandon thinks he knows what happened to Sonic Boom! Tom enjoys a crunchwrap! Plus, Smash Bros! Amiibo! Hobbit! Batman! It’s a Thanksgiving feast of stupid bullshit.

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Jump Kick Punch! Ep.191: The Nemesis Machine



“That was a very diplomatic way of calling them idiots.”

Join Brandon, Eric, Josh, Tom, special guest Jenny and a sudden/unexpected Harrison for this week’s very informative podcast. Learn about kudzu! Learn about Blizzard’s new IP, Overwatch! Learn about Rooster Teeth gettin’ bought! Learn about the new writer for Mass Effect! Learn how no one is excited for more AssCreed! Learn about how busted Sonic Boom might be! Learn about communing with the ancient ones through the medium of board games! Learn about the gang’s must-see movies! AND MORE!

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Jump Kick Punch! Ep.190: Ultron Smash



“You’re not a very good Snickledorf.”

Pour yourself a glass of Soylent and start the hype machines, ’cause Brandon, Josh and Tom want you to get fired up over the latest updates for Avengers: Age of Ultron and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. Then, after the break, Harrison and Zack join in for a big stinkin’ pile of listener emails about Emma Watson’s “He for She” campaign, XBONE vs. PS4, hateful haikus and much more.

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Jump Kick Punch! Ep.189: Can Be a Wizard



“I believe in myself!”

With the news from NYCC fresh on their minds, this week’s show finds Brandon, Eric, Josh and Tom walking through Marvel and DC’s recently revealed 6-year movie calendar to discover when, exactly, they should start getting excited. Then, after the break, the gang spoils The Book of Life, Josh journeys back to 2008 for some Spore, Brandon gives some late impressions on 3DS Smash Bros. and everyone enjoys a bit of anime nonsense.

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Jump Kick Punch! Ep.188: Third Base



“You think it’s gonna be fine, and then suddenly… TGS.”

It’s a full roster turnout this week as Brandon, Eric, Josh, Zack, Tom and Harrison join hands around the mics to discuss Anime conventions, the changing of the guard in Final Fantasy XV, the cancellation of Blizzard’s Titan, generous praise for both Boxtrolls and Hyrule Warriors and– you guessed it– a heapin’ helpin’ of listener emails.

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