Apr 162014



“That’s the Josh talking.”

It’s JKP’s 175th episode sort-of spectacular! Pour yourself a bottle of ‘Josh’ while Brandon, Eric, Zack, Josh, Harrison and Tom discuss Captain America: The Winter Soldier and the Nintendo news trifecta of Mario Kart 8, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS and the out-of-nowhere localization for Tomodachi Life. Then get ready to learn about Steven Universe and Patrick Rothfuss’s The Name of the Wind before we get to the real meat of this week’s special episode– lister emails and, making a bold return to the show, listener voicemails!

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Apr 102014


That’s right, JKPeers– voicemails are back.

To celebrate our 175th episode, we’re opening the floodgates back up and inviting you, our listening audience, to call in and leave a personal question, comment or criticism to be shared and addressed during the next podcast. Just call 714-340-5425, sit through the ringing and leave a message after the beep.


I know a lot of you newer listeners are upset that you missed this feature in year one of the show, so let’s give it another shot; if all goes well, maybe we’ll keep this open long-term. I can’t promise that we’ll respond to all of them, but I’m pretty sure we’ll get something special out of this one way or another.

Go nuts, you goofballs. (And rest in peace, Ultimate Warrior.)

Apr 022014



“I just wanna know which reddit thread that opinion came from.”

Hope you kids like anime, ’cause this week is chock full of the stuff. Pull up a chair as Brandon, Eric, Harrison and Cody discuss April Fools’ Day pranks, Facebook’s $2billion purchase of Oculus VR, some apparently very exciting Gundam news and the poorly-received reveal trailer for Michael Bay’s TMNT. Then, after the break, we celebrate indie games with some Goat Simulator, Luftrausers and Thomas Was Alone before diving into a post-run review of Kill La Kill (beware heavy spoilers!). Plus, as always: listener emails!

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Mar 192014



“Row, row, earn your paycheck!”

Insensitive, stereotypically Irish greeting to you, JKPeers! This week finds Brandon, Eric, Harrison and Tom pullin’ up chairs to discuss the annual horrors of St. Patrick’s Day, finally react to Ken Levine’s closing of Irrational Games, softly applaud South Park: The Stick of Truth, encourage kickstarting Frog Fractions 2, coach the next generation of prop makers and review Vampire Academy. Plus, listener emails!

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Mar 052014



“I’m drinking and I’m new here.”

This week’s show finds Brandon, Eric, Josh and friend of the show/special guest Cody paying tribute to the late, great Harold Ramis. Things get nice and weird after that with a shift the possibly-secretly-being-considered sequel to Space Jam and comic artist John Campbell’s Marxist Kickstarter “meltdown.” Then, after the break, Brandon praises Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, Josh revisits Dust: an Elysian Tail and Cody spreads some backroom gossip on Valve’s super secret VR headgear. Plus, as always, a few listener emails.

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Feb 192014



“See, now you’re drinking the Kool-Aid but you’re chuggin’ it through your butt.”

The show returns to “normal” this week as Brandon, Josh, Eric and Harrison play a three hour game of pop culture catch-up. Get ready for some lengthy jibber-jabber on X-Men comics, Remember Me, Final Fantasy XIVBravely Default, Batman: Arkham Origins and the recently opened beta for Titanfall. Then, after the break, the gang discusses the online phenomenon that is “Twitch Plays Pokemon” and the seemingly impossible-to-hate Lego Movie before letting Josh finally hold court in response to the sheer tungsten-scrotum’d audacity of Nintendo’s recent investors meeting. Plus, listener emails!

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Feb 052014



“Is it called the devil dot hell dot com?”

It’s JKP’s annual pre-Valentine’s episode, and you know what that means: Zack is hosting– and, miraculously, the whole gang is here to join the “fun!”

Grab your smart-people-glasses for another voyage through Z-Time, featuring Christmas in February, old cartoons, pizza launchers, and a comic no one should ever reference out loud. Then settle in for a nice, long, extra-beefy assortment of listener emails about Mega Man, Sly Cooper, vigilantes, sidekicks, amazing leaps in ALF simulation technology and a whole lot more.

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Jan 222014



“So according to this, everybody’s gonna NOT choose accordion legs! This is not a difficult choice!”

The Backward Compatibles are here! Jenny and Allison join the roundtable alongside Brandon, Tom, Harrison and Eric this week for a lively back-and-forth about all manner of topics, including: DoubleFine’s backer-released Broken Age, a return to some popular Kickstarter games, the exciting new Steam Machines and 3D Printers to come out of CES, Nintendo’s fiscal nosedive, the success of Awesome Games Done Quick 2014, gender-biased Adventure Time Happy Meal toys, and the surprising appeal of Frozen. Come, join us, and let’s all fall in love with 1993 Elijah Wood… together.

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