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Hello and welcome to another Adventure in Screenshots.

This past Thursday, just as they have for several years prior, Konami burst out of the E3 starting gate before the buzzer to showcase their major releases for the fiscal year. Last year’s show was a big ol’ snoozer, for the most part, but this year’s show had at least one major bomb to drop. Did you miss the event in the middle of your workday? Do you not want to bother wading through a half hour’s worth of red-on-white corporate nonsense? Would you rather have someone snarkily break down the major slides and bullet points through dismissive one-liners?

You’ve come to the right place. Let’s get started.

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[As always, Josh Sibley’s media preferences do not reflect those of the JKP! group at large or, indeed, most reasonable people. Gird your loins.]

We’ve talked about Homestuck a couple times on the podcast, much to the chagrin of all none of you who read it, and once it completes we’ll probably talk about it one more time. Oh, and then there’s the adventure game, which we’ll also talk about. Probably. Point is, I know a lot of you don’t read it, and I aim to do my best to rectify that, especially considering the story is on a multiple month-long break. It’s the perfect time to catch up. What follows is an episode guide of sorts, a stone skipping across the high points of this massive story.

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Which format would you like to see JKP! adopt after E3?

  • BIWEEKLY: Shorter shows, varying topics, unpredictable roster turnouts. (2 hour episodes, avg.) (54%, 38 Votes)
  • MONTHLY: Longer shows with more reliable roster turnouts. (3-4 hour episodes, avg.) (44%, 31 Votes)
  • EVENT-BASED: Podcasts will be timed & themed around major releases of games, movies and shows; conversation will be more focused, varied roster based on interest. (2-3 hour episodes, avg.) (3%, 2 Votes)

Total Voters: 71

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Hey, guys. It’s Brandon. And I guess this is officially my rant/reaction column. Hi. Hello.

So hey, Nintendo’s passing on a traditional E3 press conference this year.

The reactions to this are all over the board, but the most interesting perspective is the one coming from some of the more significant game journalists and publications– namely that Nintendo is dropping the ball in a major, major way. Sessler’s chimed in, Game Informer agrees, and many others are now voicing their displeasure and concern over this sudden change of plans.

I usually reserve my opinions for the podcast itself (and I’m sure we’ll touch upon it in next week’s show), but this is one unexpected headline that I feel warrants a more immediate response. Because rare is the case that I feel like I have something to say to Adam Sessler.

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boysvsgirlsThe long-awaited, oft-teased follow-up to last year’s extra-special gender politics episode is finally being recorded this SUNDAY, SUNDAY, SUNDAYYYY!

Our regular roster of Brandon, Tom, Josh and Harrison will be joined once again by Heidi, Jen, Emily, Naty, Sarah and– new to the discussion– frequent emailer (and last episode’s most vocal critic) Shadra to reopen the can of worms on sexism and feminism in comics, games, movies and more.. This time, however, the conversation will be a 10-member roundtable where both halves interact directly!

What, specifically, will we be talking about? That’s where you lovely listeners come in!

Have a particular topic you’d like to hear us weigh in on?

Have a question for the group at large or a specific participant?

Then send an email to or leave a comment on this post and we’ll do our best to include it in the discussion! 

Be sure to submit your questions/concerns by this Sunday 3/3, no later than 12:00 Noon EST.

Thanks for listening, and stay tuned for next Tuesday when the episode will go live!


Heads-up, JKPeers: Our recording date has shifted for this week to Tonight, TUESDAY the 26th.

That means the new episode won’t go live until Tomorrow: WEDNESDAY, March 27th, after I’ve had a chance to edit the thing and slap an image on it.

Sorry for the late notice, there. Tom’s employer is crackin’ the whip on him schedule-wise, and you wouldn’t want us to discuss the PS4 announcement without his unfettered optimism thrown in the mix, would you? We didn’t think so.

So, yeah. You practice patience and we’ll promise to make the extra day’s wait worth your while! Plus, next week’s episode is gonna be a big one, so stay tuned. We love you guys.


The PS4 is a thing, now! Sony has pulled the trigger on their new console, officially ushering in the next generation of video games. What a wild ride last Wednesday night was, huh? There was a lot to keep track of between all the buzzwords and slides and trailers and blazers.

Fortunately, I spent the night frantically hitting the screenshot hotkey. Hit the jump and we’ll spend these next few moments together reliving the magic and spectacle of that evening through awkward freeze-frames and knee-jerk reactions! After you, I insist.

(Obvious warning: this is going to be pretty image heavy.)

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As is our somewhat established tradition, next week’s Valentine’s Day-themed episode will be hosted by America’s sweetheart, Zack.

To make this occasion extra-special, Zack (and the rest of us) will be looking to read as many listener emails over the course of two hours as possible. We invite you, our readers/listeners/contributors, to solicit Zack’s invaluable wisdom and unique perspective for any and all of your romantic concerns or personal problems, real or fictional.

♥♥♥ email Zack: ♥♥♥

Relevant emails should be submitted by Monday, 2/11 TUESDAY, 2/12. Zack will read them aloud, invariably mispronouncing your names and placing emphasis on whichever words he deems worthy.

Get excited and prepare as best you can. Z-Time is coming.


Good news, folks– if you’ve been sitting on an email draft, struggling to find the right words to properly convey your emotions, you have one more day to mull it over. Our recording night has shifted to TUESDAY of this week, meaning the new episode will go live on Wednesday evening (EST).

Try to contain your surging romantic impulses until then.