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[As always, Josh Sibley’s opinions do not reflect those of the JKP! group at large or, indeed, most reasonable people… except for this time, actually.]

Most generations growing up had “the future” as some far flung, wholly removed from reality idea. Space travel, with star dates to go along with them. Buck Rogers, Commando Cody serials. Sometimes it was merely an ideal: Disney’s concept of “Tomorrow”. Sometimes that was a little more grounded, but there was never a date. Even right before my generation, “The future” was in a time when years were meaningless and apes ruled. The future was little more than an excuse to have a different setting. After Gen X got in full swing, visions of the future were almost exclusively bleak: If they had a specific date, it didn’t matter, because you wouldn’t want to be amongst the pile of skulls and murder cyborgs anyway.

My generation had something different, something better. My generation had a bright, achieveable future with a specific date attached. The date of the future.

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Have you ever met one of those jag-offs, whether online or out in the world, who absolutely cannot fathom why you haven’t watched TV Series X? I ran into him/her often when Lost was still on the air. I found it completely insufferable that my general lack of interest was never a sufficient excuse— that somehow I was wrong for not wanting to watch. As those mighty have fallen, I find myself becoming that jag-off that tells people they should watch Halt and Catch Fire, and am usually met with shrugging indifference. Full disclosure: I dragged my feet quite a bit on starting the series. The first season sat on my media server for six months before I finally gave an episode a try and subsequently devoured the rest, causing me to wonder why I had waited so long. I’ve had a soft spot for tales of American computer dynasties since reading Microserfs in high school, making the Silicon Prairie-set drama seem like a shoo-in. My curiosity led me to generate the four theories below for why this series is neither a ratings nor a cult hit. Believe that this is not an attempt to convince you to start watching the show; merely some educated guesses that can double as excuses to defend yourself from the faux-flabbergasted jag-off (like me!) who won’t otherwise shut up. 

  1. You don’t recognize any of the lead actors
  2. It was lazily sold as Mad Men in the 80s
  3. You’re a millennial. Translation: The show over-indexes with high-income viewers ($100k +)
  4. You’re a millennial. Translation: It doesn’t gif well

If you’re intrigued by the TL;DR, please continue.

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[As always, Josh Sibley’s opinions do not reflect those of the JKP! group at large or, indeed, most reasonable people. Gird your loins.]

I’m glad that I sat on this article for a while. Recently Irrational Games closed, saying that Ken Levine and fifteen dudes would henceforth be working on smaller titles. This brought a lot of things into sharp contrast, the big one being that maybe AAA games on consoles ARE in danger of oblivion, just not for the reasons most reactionaries have stated. So my original thesis remains essentially unchanged: Yes, tons of studios have closed, and almost every single one of them was due to them being run poorly, doing something stupid, or being bought out, FORCED to do something stupid, THEN closed. There’s almost not a single instance of a game being really good, the studio being really smart, and then closing because no one cared… at least in my collection.

With that in mind, I thought it would be a good idea to go through my collection of games from last generation and see what’s happened to the companies that made them.

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That’s right, JKPeers– voicemails are back.

To celebrate our 175th episode, we’re opening the floodgates back up and inviting you, our listening audience, to call in and leave a personal question, comment or criticism to be shared and addressed during the next podcast. Just call 714-340-5425, sit through the ringing and leave a message after the beep.


I know a lot of you newer listeners are upset that you missed this feature in year one of the show, so let’s give it another shot; if all goes well, maybe we’ll keep this open long-term. I can’t promise that we’ll respond to all of them, but I’m pretty sure we’ll get something special out of this one way or another.

Go nuts, you goofballs. (And rest in peace, Ultimate Warrior.)


Hello again loyal readers. This is Ricky coming to you once again with tales from the annual massive nerd gathering that is New York Comic-Con 2013. Coincidentally, this year’s trip for me was a curiously Nintendo-centric one. This is because comic-con this year happened to fall on the same weekend that Pokemon X & Y were to be released. Hit that jump yo’!

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ZackDrawsNikOur man-on-the-German-field and faithful listener Nik is going to Gamescom this week!

Good ol’ bean that he is, he’s offered to scour the show floor and tackle any demos, swipe any swag, and capture any moments or visuals that you wish you were there for. Let him know what you’d like to see, hear and read about and he’ll do his best to cover all our bases. Then check back next week for a full rundown of the show from the inside!

Leave those requests right here in the comments section of this very post. And hey, three cheers for Nik!

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u17w83iHey, folks. Sorry for the delay.

I’m back from Comic-Con. We recorded a 2.5 hour episode about SDCC highlights (plus listener emails), but the rest of my week has been packed with work and family/friend obligations.

I’m dedicating time to properly edit the show tomorrow, so look for the episode to go live in the evening. I’m also trying a couple of different methods for audio sweetening and level moderation, so hopefully the longer wait on your parts will be rewarded by a volume consistency that will finally make Josh’s rubber-banding whisper-guffaws far more tolerable from here on out.

Thanks for listening!