Jump Kick Punch! is a biweekly podcast based in Atlanta, GA where five to six chucklefucks, a.k.a. Brandon, Josh, Tom, Zack, Harrison and Eric, take turns jibber-jabberin’ and rough-housin’ over modern multimedia entertainment and its surrounding, ever-popping culture. From comics to movies to games and beyond, no stone is left unturned and no cow is sacred enough to ward off their many, many colorful opinions. Ideally, somewhere along the way, you are entertained.

Podcasts are recorded regularly every other Monday and uploaded the following Wednesday.



host : editor-in-grief : tired old man

Brandon is currently a writer and marketer for Adult Swim Games. He also spends an indefensible amount of time thinking quietly about colorful mascot platformers. Somehow, when he’s not doing either of those things, he finds the time to record, edit, and upload a podcast on a fairly regular basis. He is a Leonardo wishing he was a Donatello, but he does alright.


optimist : heartthrob : chief master halologist

Tom loves everything until he doesn’t. If you don’t love everything, it is going to make him extremely upset. When he isn’t busy loving things, he’s busy making cool marketing stuff for Hi-Rez (the makers of SMITE) and playing as many games as he possibly can. He is a special boy.


blanket statesman : homestuck enthusiast : capcom decrier

Josh is not a person; he is an identity passed down from worthy host to worthy host through the ages. The only prerequisites for worthiness, however, are “not really wanting to do much of anything” and passive nerdiness, so being chosen isn’t really that special. He was a high school debate team member back in the 90’s, so he is very good at arguing.


repository of all comic knowledge : power girl admirer : conversation enhancer

Zack is eight people sharing the same mouth. Some of them talk about comic books. None of them care about video game news.


propsmith : master replicator : portal gun denier

Master replicator of Volpin Props fame, Harrison has been building things for as long as he can remember. Most of his time is spent sculpting, molding, sanding, and carving weapons from video games for commission and for fun. He is very excited to never build you a Daft Punk helmet.


urban viking : fantasy fancier : one-man gundam factory

Eric is like a ginger Jaeger piloted by a Nordic savage and a Japanese school girl, both of which are intent on derailing your conversation. He is a big ol’ sweetheart.