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JKP! Ep.259: Near a Tomato – Jump Kick Punch!

“We started strong with our wrong.”

Put away your roller skates and turn off the ceiling fans: Brandon, Tom, Josh and first-timer Kyle (of the self-declared overlong emails) are here for three hours of podcasting! Listen intently and respectfully, please, as they go to Momocon for graduation, flail excitedly after the ARMS Global testpunch, curiously prod the Mario + Rabbids crossover game leaks, celebrate Overwatch’s first anniversary, and become as gods with Nier Automata. Plus: listener emails!

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2 comments on “JKP! Ep.259: Near a Tomato

  1. Girl Ross Jun 1, 2017

    I havr begun what is a steady increase in dumpster-diving content on JKP. More to come, maybe?


  2. Seems like I missed some great listener questions! If I may contribute:

    1. My personal injuries, upon reflection, come more from embarrassment than physical harm. To wit:
    -- In seventh grade, I was waiting in the hallway with my other classmates for the next period to begin and thought it would be fun & flirty to kick the dangling backpack of a boy I liked. As my tiny foot lashed out, it caught in the straps of said backpack, causing me to fall backward and my skirt (because Catholic school required all girls wear skirts as part of the uniform) flew up, exposing my underwear to a dozen and a half 12-year-olds in an enclosed space. It still haunts me to this day, though hopefully this recollection will absolve me at least of some of my youthful idiocy.

    2. JKP Movie: I can’t believe that a JRPG or D&D allegory didn’t come up. Please feel free to correct me here, but I believe we’d be sorted along the lines of:
    Zack -- Bard with healing abilities and charisma factor 1000
    Josh -- Dwarf whose axe is too big for him to swing, but with maxed out constitution
    Tom -- Elf sorceress with the ability to call in giant geese to save the day when all seems lost
    Jenny -- The wise Paladin who could give a fuck about the odds
    Brandon -- The human who slouches into a leadership role and keeps everyone on task
    Harrison -- Ranger class whose abilities basically make him MacGuyver
    Eric -- The friendly tinker who shows up occasionally with the exact piece of weaponry required for the next task, also Dungeon Master
    Liz -- Too shoegaze-y to assign myself something, I leave it to the masses


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