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JKP! Ep.239: Non Spookuitur – Jump Kick Punch!

“You will die of stardom.”

This week, Brandon, Tom and Liz launch right into a discussion about Stranger Things (spoilers for the first two episodes only!) and get hyped for the potential weeaboo appeal of Japan’s 2020 Olympic Games. Then, after the break, Josh joins us as we grimace at the new Batman ’66 straight-to-DVD movie, laugh at Metal Gear Survive, and tackle the big ol’ zeitgeist clusterfuck surrounding No Man’s Sky (and, of course, answer some listener emails).

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6 comments on “JKP! Ep.239: Non Spookuitur

  1. so for the stranger things cast, Barbra and Nancy are already on the con circuit, and are doomed to obscurity. I can say this with a tad bit of certainty because of all the conventions that they could make their way to, they’re coming to Edmonton Expo. The only reason for any actor of notoriety to come to my home town convention would because they have fuck all going on right now.


    • Also, Harrison, since you are clearly not very busy, you should come to Edmonton Expo and be our only cosplay guest. We won’t pay you, and you get to enjoy one of the northern most cities as we head into winter where the weather can literally go from t-shirt and shorts weather to snowing in 20 minutes time


  2. Dave (not Coulier) Aug 26, 2016

    The thing I really enjoy about the tone of Stranger Things is that it feels genuine. In some shows, movies, or games set in the same time period it almost feels like a caricature of the 80’s. It seems the hair, makeup, props and set people really did their research and cared about this project. And along with the Spielberg, Carpenter vibe the crew described, I’d say there’s a strong current of John Hughes running through it. I also enjoy that the finale (no spoilers) ends satisfyingly but leaves threads open for a second season. And yes there are too many Goonies shirts. Way too many. We do at least 20 different designs at work.

    As far as No Man’s Sky, it was enjoyable watching Josh and Jenny stream, but I can see how it could easily get repetitive and stale. Maybe in the future we will get a game that fulfills these promises, like NMS fulfilled Spore’s promise, and Spore fulfilled SimLife’s promise. It’s possible the ideas of Hello Games were just too far ahead of technology and what is feasible by a team this size in the timeframe they had, especially if consoles are included.

    And I’m sorry if the JKPeers group has siphoned some of the energy out of the comment section. It was not my intention when starting it. I saw it as something complimentary to it where people could post things that don’t necessarily relate to episodes and keep up engagement with JKP! between shows.


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