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JKP! Ep.236: Mouth Fights – Jump Kick Punch!

“Don’t do it, stupid!”

Are you kids ready to talk about Pokémon GO?? Great! So let’s talk about soda and fast food instead with Brandon, Josh, Tom and Liz! Then, after the break, you can enjoy further conversations about the Legend of Korra team’s new take on Voltron, a creepy indie game masterpiece named Inside, the best place to find old game shows with wide ties, and the fully-Kickstarted Cannon Busters animation project.

Oh, hey– and we finally catch up on over a month’s worth of listener emails!



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10 comments on “JKP! Ep.236: Mouth Fights

  1. Sarah L Jul 13, 2016

    So my Pokemon gateway drug was Pokémon snap, so this game is basically everything I wanted from a Pokemon game. My neighborhood is a wasteland also, one stop at an abandoned resturant, but I’ve taken the dog out and found some good spots: Little 5 has some good Pokéstop action, The Carter Center Park is packed with stops and doesn’t get a lot of traffic most days, also they have a pond so maybe water pokemon? Piedmont park is another busy one, and the Marietta square is always busy. On my lunch I caught many pokemon, saw Eric”s short clone looking for a Nidoran, and helped a stranger fight the gym behind the coffee shop. I have also destroyed my phones battery, but it was worth it.


    • Sarah L Jul 13, 2016

      PS: in Marietta, there are a few stops right outside the court buildings, don’t camp out by those guys, the Sheriff gets cranky.


  2. Patrick Jul 13, 2016

    Thanks Liz for talking about voice casting specifically with movies like Secret Life of Pets.

    I’ve been telling about that for a long time, pretty much whenever Dreamworks started going bad with their casting (Sinbad specifically because why did you have to cast Brad Pitt and Catherine Zeta Jones!?)

    Also Brandon did you forget about Jeice from Dragonball Z? You know, the space Austrailian that was the pretty one in the evil team/boy band the Ginyu Force?


  3. None of you wanted to see what colour dinosaur feathers were?! Fuck human history! Take me to another Epoch! Where we’re going /we don’t need roads./

    And now to talk about Overwatch forever

    Like the second you guys finished podcasting a new hero was released on PTR, which I downloaded to experience the Mercy damage boost buff (up from 30% to 50%) but now there are always at least two Anas on a team and I become super redundant if I try to play Mercy. Sigh.

    I still main Mercy, since no one really likes to play support, still, but I’ve expanded to be decent at everyone in support (except Ana, of course, because again, can’t aim for shit, my hardware doesn’t allow for it) so depending on the map I’ll be Lucio on Control/King of the Hill (especially Ilios), Symmetra on pretty much any Defence (King’s Row, 66, Hollywood, Numbani… anytime there’s a huge distance between the objective and the spawn so a teleporter becomes vital for the defending team), Zenyatta on attack and Mercy when I notice my team just can’t stay alive for more than three seconds. Otherwise I tend to play D.VA who also got some SUPER SWEET BUFFS on the PTR server like not dying from the friendly fire off her self destruct and a completely different mechanic when it comes to her shields that makes them function more like Rienhardt’s, which really improves her capabilities as a tank. I tend to gravitate towards highly mobile characters so Pharah and Tracer are offensive picks I enjoy when my computer allows it, but I feel like I don’t have enough map awareness to play Tracer properly. Zipping around is super fun though! Mei and Torbjorn are fun defensive picks when the Symmetra role is already taken… she really feels more like a defence than a support most of the time. I often switch to Bastion when Symmetra’s teleporter becomes less vital to winning, so he’s my “fuck fuck fuck time for plan B” fallback character. But yeah, I’ve played Mercy more than double the time of any other character so I guess I just like being team mom in any scenario I’m in, including video games.

    I made friends with some random couple during a Quickplay match Defending Volskaya where everyone on my team was Torbjorn and I was Zenyatta and it was magnificent. The wife plays almost every day so we end up chatting about dogs and playing pretty much anytime I’m online.

    Pssst. Liz. Add me. I will be your quickplay sherpa. Teslakoi #11827. We can talk about Mr. Robot. Also watch Youtube videos for them leet strats. I recommend Unit Lost and Overwatch Central. The map guides from OC are pretty handy and Unit Lost’s is as informative as he is enthusiastic. I became a pretty decent Symmetra just from watching youtube videos, honestly.

    Overwatch: the FPS where aiming isn’t everything. Which is probably why it’s such a success.

    Side note: anyone else find that Numbani’s design reminds them of Zootopia’s downtown for some reason? All those curvy skyscrapers…

    Also, Canada still doesn’t have Pokemon GO because of you motherfuckers so THANKS.


    • Patrick Jul 13, 2016

      Mr. Robot is pretty awesome!


    • Maya, you are added! It’s coming from Cody’s drtchock account, so it’s not always me playing, but sometimes it is!

      And thanks for the tip about watching YouTube vids, I’ll check it out!


  4. Should I stop using the handy dandy email form and just start sending stupid questions in via regular e-mail?


    • OKAY SO THE SITE HICCUPED ON THOSE, it didn’t look like we had any when we were recording on Monday, but they’re all back now and we have a SLEW of them to get through in our next episode.

      Apologies to you and anyone else who sent in an email using our Handy Dandy Form™.


  5. Obligatory text to convince the mod bot I’m not posting spam.



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