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JKP! Ep.215: My Name is Ishmael – Jump Kick Punch!

“Seriously, spiral-cut honey glazed? Best.”

Welcome to another crowded podcast episode on this, the ONLY website on the Internet!

Brandon, Liz, Tom, Josh, Zack and Harrison have survived another annual Summer convention gauntlet and are super ready to waste their lives watching TV instead, starting with The Muppets, Moonbeam City, Rick and Morty and Star Wars: Rebels. Then, after the break, we discuss Konami’s all-but-confirmed departure from the video game industry, Metal Gear Solid V and Super Mario Maker. Plus: some rather important listener emails. (No, for real this time.)


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14 comments on “JKP! Ep.215: My Name is Ishmael

  1. Well I achieved my goal of making you guys feel something with that email! Watching Steven Universe/Rick and Morty and seeing people’s reactions to it, I kind of get the impression it stems from loneliness and longing for deep interpersonal connection. Our society is still rather dour and puritanical about expressing emotion and attachment so it’s rare to get a thoughtful letter written with care when instant, uncomplicated communication is ever present. I figured the greatest gift I could give was a series of words that carried a message: “I see your qualities, and I see your struggles, you’ve come this far, you’re doing great”. Everybody needs that kind of acknowledgement every so often, especially after the stressful summer you guys had, I thought you’d all appreciate it. I also made sure to proof read it a couple times and make it easier to read aloud, turns out compound words, commas and period breaks are pretty important to readability when your writing is as overwrought as mine tends to be. You see that last sentence? try reading it aloud it will be torture. Man, what the hell am I even babbling on about, I’m not even a writer. Anyways, I started listening to the show in year one or year two? Though I quickly devoured the whole backlog after listening to a couple episodes. It’s been my favourite podcast since.

    and Josh, I was being SINCERE. Having opinions on the internet is a dangerous game, but you still do it, and you actually worry about coming off like too much of a jackass, so you check yourself on a regular basis and own up and change your opinions when it comes to the important stuff, it’s a pretty rare quality in opinionated people. You’re self-confident but not arrogant, that’s quite admirable in my estimation.

    My favourite episode of Rick and Morty has to be Mortynight Run. Just hearing Jemaine Clement say “Fart.” is, ugh, just the best.


  2. 1) Muppet Christmas Carol was a great muppet movie, as was Muppet Treasure Island.

    2) While I totally agree with how Kermit will never sound the same, Steve Whitmire has done a FANTASTIC job trying to fill those massive shoes. I was super lucky a few years back to attend a lecture on puppetry that Steve Whitmire was giving at the Center of Puppetry Arts in Atlanta and hearing the same things you were saying about how he dreaded trying to voice and play kermit. He spoke a lot about the importance of the life that puppet puts off, and not the overall voice and it made a ton of sense.

    3) I LOVED the new muppet show’s premiere. It was a great update to the humor to a more adult arena that the first muppet show touched on in a different era. This wasn’t the muppets “SAVING THE THEATER” yet again. The show was super technical, as well, and great to figure out how they filmed half of that stuff.

    And good news was that apparently it did fairly well in the ratings for the first episode:


  3. Another great episode, all!

    It was funny listening to you guys purport on how “everyone will have the same Metal Gear experience, unlike Mass Effect”, and how “Kojima is stuck in his ways”, knowing just how much of a sandbox and sea change for the series this latest entry is.

    I’m probably alone, but I could listen to Justin Roiland yell whatever enters his brain into a microphone forever. If nothing else, Interdimensional Cable 2 has given the world Werner Herzog making dick jokes, and I think that’s enough.

    also, those emails were incredible.


  4. Woah, I just watched the Rick and Morty episodes you guys were talking about. I guess I am a monster because they didn’t really affect me that drastically. I mean, c’mon in Rick Potion #9 they end the episode by jumping to another dimension where Rick and Morty died the exact instant they jumped to assume their identities because the dimension they were from was ruined. To be completely honest these fucked up endings are strangely turning into the norm for the show.

    …but again MAYBE, just maybe I’m the monster


  5. I can confirm that Hitler helped design the VW Bug and that many of its workers were members of the Nazi party. My wife’s grandfather was a welder on the Volkswagen (Folk’s Wagon, wagon of the people) line and a party member. Going through his old photos, we found pictures from when he was working there, and he had blacked out every little swastika pin he had on with a ball point pen.

    The new Muppet Show was pretty good, though I’m not too sure about Kermit being so frank about sex. As for Muppet Christmas Carol, it’s a classic and if muted it nearly matches up perfectly to a certain Insane Clown Posse album, I forget which, but boy was that a fun night.


  6. Josh is my favorite character.


  7. Devin Sep 30, 2015

    Great episode, awesome emails.

    Can confirm the content of Dave Mathew’s shows are as described above. Free tickets are no longer a good enough excuse. Lesson learned.


  8. Brenden Oct 2, 2015

    Gahhh I cannot get through that mad max review. Jesus that guy sounds pretentious (yeah I said it).


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