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JKP! Ep.182: The Ultimate Wrangle – Jump Kick Punch!

“I’m an adult, and that means getting mad at video games.”

We’re wranglin’ nerds, saving kittens and getting tattoos! Join Brandon, Josh and Tom on the eve of this year’s San Diego Comic-Con as they cast the Sonic the Hedgehog movie, celebrate a new take on Batgirl and a more diverse Marvel universe, play some Hearthstone, crush on Hatsune Miku, and welcome the latest additions to the Smash roster. Plus– a whole lot of listener emails!

Hit the jump for this week’s related images, videos and nonsense!

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26 comments on “JKP! Ep.182: The Ultimate Wrangle

  1. internet fist-bump for Console Wars. It’s a pretty fun book, here’s hoping the eventual movie adaptation does it any justice. The Seth Rogen/Evan Goldberg forward didn’t exactly fill me with confidence.

    Battleborn is giving me the impression that Gearbox is aiming to do with MOBAs what Borderlands did to loot games like Diablo. Sure looks nice, whatever it is.


    • codycarver Jul 27, 2014

      if people like documentary movies, and or DC, check out the movie “secret origin”. it’s pretty entertaining but very blatant DC propaganda


  2. Brenden Jul 22, 2014

    “Yeah I got a tattoo of Crash Bandicoot cause I really love that game, now I wanna kill myself every day”. Is the quote of the episode.


    • Patrick Jul 23, 2014

      I went with “ninjasex.patry.org.net/pix.clownpenis.fart/dannysexbannngah property of Egoraptor.”

      Mainly because it’s rare to find a quote from everyone on the podcast.


  3. Regarding the story of Chaos Confetti that Josh was describing:

    From Jeff Donais, DCI Manager:
    “There are a few stories about people ripping up Chaos Orbs in the first couple of years after Magic was released. The story is that someone ripped up a Chaos Orb and dropped the pieces onto the playing area in order to hit as many permanents as possible. The player ended up clearing most of the opponent’s lands and creatures and won the game shortly afterward. The story says that the player didn’t care about the value of the Orb since people didn’t realize how valuable cards were going to be, especially the Beta rares. This story might be an urban legend or it might be real. It doesn’t really matter since it’s a fun story and it led to the creation of Chaos Confetti. I would guess that there is indeed an element of truth to the story.

    “When Mark Rosewater was working on the Unglued set, he called a bunch of people and asked them if they had ideas for cards. My idea was to recreate the story of a person ripping up their Chaos Orb. I submitted my idea for a card I called, ‘The Real Chaos Orb’. It was exactly how you see the card Chaos Confetti, including the flavor text, ‘And you thought that was just an urban legend.’ Mark even got Mark Tedin, the original artist for Chaos Orb, to do the art for Chaos Confetti. I have the original Confetti artwork at home to celebrate my first Magic card officially designed.”


    • Thanks Billy!

      As a side note, Jeff Donais is better known these days as Doomsaw, the lead dev on Marvel Heroes (and a pretty cool guy besides).


  4. I imported Hatsune Miku Project Diva F from Japan when it came out because I thought there would be no chance in hell of it arriving in the US, (because like you guys mentioned, Japan makes rhythm games and does not bring them over). I got my money’s worth for sure, since I played the game for over a year. Even after I finished it, it was fun to go back and play through the songs I enjoyed. It’s probably a lack of Vita games being produced in the U.S. since other games I thought would never see the light of day are all coming over, (Y’s, Shinovi versus, danganronpa: trigger happy, Demon’s Gaze and Abiba’s Trip to name a few). It seems like everything from the Western shores are ports of existing games such as Borderlands, Lego games, etc.

    As far as comic books go. I was reading the thousands of comments about how people are so upset over Falcon becoming Captain America, that they will not read the book. Well, the reason why they had to do a drastic change was because no one was reading the book! It was tanking, (to me the stories were really bad in comparison to other books such as Uncanny Avengers). Don’t post that you’re not going to read the book when you had no intention of reading it in the first place. If every one of the people who commented actually read the comic, it would be doing insanely well. Personally I don’t like it when they just put another hero in someones shoes. It’s just a costume change. It really should just be some new character altogether like what they are doing with Thor. I hate the idea of Steve Rodgers leaving the role of Captain America yet again, but yes he’ll be back miraculously for when Cap3 hits theaters.

    My comment about Comic-Con is because when people hear about me going, I get these angry messages or comments about how dare I go to a comic convention that has nothing to do with comic books. It’s all about movies and games now. You’re part of the problem. I’m actually helping, because I’m supporting all those artists and writers. I’m buying hundreds of dollars of their art or comics. Sure the majority of attendees are there for celebs and movies, but I sure as hell don’t like getting told over and over again that there are not comics at comic-con. You can also read comments all over the net about people saying that they will never support a convention that doesn’t even support comic books. So wrong on every level. Then again as far as I know these are people who tried to get tickets, weren’t able to and are lashing out. It’s been the past 5 years or so where people were screaming out, “Comic-Con, you’ve sold out!”. I can easily look past all the hollywood and gaming and just focus on comics. If you just ignore it and go there for that, you’d make yourself a much happier person. It is still true that CC has the largest amount of comic related panels then any other convention. They even have panels on how to produce comics. Panels on pencilers, inkers, colorists, writers, publishing on deviantart, etc.


    • Patrick Jul 23, 2014

      I think Hatsune Miku is interesting in concept mainly because it’s a sound font altered from a real actress. Along with the fact that it’s kind of the natural progression to a game like Space Channel 5.


  5. Patrick Jul 23, 2014

    I would buy the hell out of a Action Weiser: Ultimate Nerd Wrangler


  6. Dave (not Coulier) Jul 23, 2014

    Thanks gang for the kind words. I hope my JKProjects give you as much joy as I get making them.

    And Tom, if you’re turning partially Japanese let me tell ya, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. Basically, I’m just a genetic weeaboo.


  7. Here’s that Reebok/Nike commercial, BECAUSE NOONE ASKED FOR IT.


  8. Also! Thanks for getting to the HeroClix email! In the time since then, one of my friends that I did not know that played Heroclix showed me how to play and since hes also a hardcore collector, he had a BILLION extras and just gave them too me. (Pretty much all Marvel stuff. Others are Savannah’s local gaming store, Morningstar games, were super nice and gave me more extras)

    So currently, I have amassed a nice Thunderbolts and Heroes for Hire force.


  9. Both the Thunderbolts and Heroes for Hire have excellent ATA’s (additional team abilities). Don’t forget those when you build your force.


    • It’s been a while since I have played. The team I built was from Batman: No Man’s Land (pretty good Bat family, only lacking Damian and Dick)

      Gotta say that War of Light series looks pretty awesome though.


  10. After some digging you’ll find that Decapre wasn’t entirely a “new” character, and I don’t mean by the fact that she’s a clone of Cammy. Looking back at Street Fighter Alpha 3, in a dramatic battle with Juni and Juli, you’ll seei the introduction a mass of twelve of Bison’s Dolls drop from the sky. One of those girls has the mask and hairstyle of Decapre (seen here on the right side: http://www.cammyfan.com/Cammy-info/fan-fics/dolls-intro.gif).

    So Capcom double lied about a Decapre being a BRAND NEW CHARACTER in terms of design and origin..

    In any case, SUPER LAME.


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