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JKP! Ep.142: Better Than Necessary – Jump Kick Punch!

“I guess Darkwing Duck is to Batman as Howard the Duck is to Rorschach.”

On this week’s episode, three grown men who are bad at math gather ’round the mics for quality game talk: Brandon is pleasantly surprised by the announcement of DuckTales Remastered, Harrison finally discovers the endgame of Persona 4 Golden, and Josh pulls back the curtain on a huge PR disaster for Marvel Heroes. Then, after the intermission, Harrison discusses his progress through Tomb Raider, Brandon talks about the official cast of Michael Bay’s Ninja Turtles, and Josh revels in a now-infamous Brony-related news story. All this PLUS listener emails and more!

This week’s intermission is “A Fighter Mk II” by Crybringer! Grab it for yourself here!

Hit the jump for this week’s related videos and trailers!

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16 comments on “JKP! Ep.142: Better Than Necessary

  1. First half
    LoL<DOTA 2 in my opinion. I played lol for about 200 hours, almost 1000 hours in dota and I don't have a life :3


  2. Brenden Mar 27, 2013

    I demand a written apology. I will keep sending emails and fanfictions until I get one. That is a promise, not a threat.

    My loin girding against the vixen that is Bioshock Infinite has proven to be wise. I am mildly disappointed by it. I feel like Ken Levine may have had a little bit of the George Lucas syndrome where no one could say no to him or challenge him. Or I could be full of shit. Or both.


    • You should go ahead and get those fanfics ready. “We’ll get to it next week” is how it starts. Then the next week there is a quickly muttered promise that they’re coming. Weeks later Brandon gets your name wrong as he once again says they are coming soon.


    • Patrick Mar 27, 2013

      You’re never going to get that apology, you might as well get started on a JKP Fanfic anthology. But take this as a consolation, I for one enjoy them immensely.


    • More fanfics? Please do :D


    • After I finish Bioshock proper, I can almost guarantee I will at least attempt an article on it covering that very thing. So at least on this, you and I can agree.


  3. I was that kid.
    I was born in ’89 but some how my parents had all the taps of the old shows.
    It’s like they were planning

    Have any of you played the Aladdin game? Yea that was hard for me having no friends that played games to help me.


    • Patrick Mar 27, 2013

      Both because the SNES and Genesis versions were different.


  4. Oh and the ending to Bioshock is *glass break* wack, bang, pow *ductape sounds* mumble *sound of static* We got the suspect!


  5. Brenden Mar 29, 2013

    On a serious note, if there’s going to be a “propcast” I’d like to hear more about the entrepreneurial side of things. I mean, don’t just talk about bondo and casting and whatever because you can read the shit out of that on Harrison’s blog and numerous other blogs. I’ve worked for a small 2 man company and I was always impressed as shit that my bosses had the balls to start their own business, and the drive to actually succeed at it.

    And I think it would be neat as hell to have Tom talk about his job since he doesn’t have super long blog posts breaking down how animation works or whatever. I honestly know fuckall about animation and I’ve been trying to point a more critical eye towards Archer and I’ve been super impressed with the quality of the latest episodes. What is the “style” of the animation in Archer? It’s not like any other cartoon I’ve seen.

    Also my fanfic contained a big part for Harrison and Brandon and now Harrison is going to be gone and I am disappointed.

    Bioshock Infinite continues to disappoint ect. ect.


    • Brandon Mar 29, 2013

      I’ll make sure Harrison and Josh are both present. Your fanfic will have its moment in the sun, fear not. I deliberately scheduled ample time for what turned out to be a plagiarized goose murder story (which, mark my words, I will drag Andrew kicking and screaming to Hell for) so you’re damn skippy we’re going to read a well-written, genuine effort in full.


  6. You guys talking about the murdering/dismembering of fictional characters gave me flashbacks to when I dove down the very dark rabbit hole that is the “guro” genre. -shudder- No matter how fucked up a human you are, so long as you don’t get sexual pleasure from gore, you can at least say “at least I’m not like *those* sick bastards”. But I’m kinda thankful my curiosity got the better of me, because when 2 Girls 1 Cup made its rounds, I was like “you guys are pussies if you think this is gross”, and proceed to ramble like a Vietnam vet about the horrors I’ve seen.


    • i dunno. different definitely doesn’t mean better. when you hit the bottom of the giant and diverse internet barrel, your still at the same level as all the other freaks who have hit the bottom of the barrel in there respective areas. once you jump in the ocean, you are going to be wet, no matter how deep you go. its that “dignity wall” the guys talked about in one of the earlier podcasts.

      bronies, chunleeeater@aol.com, guys who jerk off to anything and everything. they have all jumped past the dignity wall and have landed the ocean of “fucking weird”.


  7. the general cliental of my store is made up of people who either don’t know how to use the internet, don’t fucking care about the internet, people who can’t “afford” internet (also known as people who don’t know how to manage money) or kids who aren’t allowed to use the internet, so its actually quiet diverse. it can range from tweens/teenagers, to university students, to couples with new kids, to couple who have kids in elementary and haven’t been able to keep up with technology cause they’ve been too busy taking care of their rugrats (don’t have kids), to the baby boomers who thought the internet was a “fad”, to rednecks, and hipsters. (btw, i fucking hate hipster customers with an intense passion that can only be rivaled by the burning of the sun. No we don’t have your shitty 1940’s Janus film that you need for your incredibly pointless and stupid film studies optional class because someone else in your fucking retarded class stole it. now no one can have it you fucking dick bag. gahh!)

    but ya, i can’t say how many people we get in a day, or how much we actually make, but to put it frankly, we aren’t going to be around for much longer. our rent got jacked up a lot this year, and i’ll be amazed if we make it to our lease in september. the only reason we’ve been around for as long as we have is that canadian netflix sucks, and our selection is massive. but the internet is very much a thing, and we can’t compete with “free”.

    normally i don’t prank anyone at work because i don’t want to offend someone by mistake, but since i don’t think we’ll last long enough for there to be any long term repercussions, i’m going to have a hay day.
    I’ve got a few that involve glitter and something that might involve a recording of a person trapped in our drop off box, or a sign saying “feed me a stray cat”. also i’m definitely going to do the cookies and toothpaste thing cause people seem to always help themselves to my food without asking.


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