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JKP! Ep.133: Aggressive Discharge – Jump Kick Punch!

We’re doing a Lord’s work. (Not THE Lord…)

The show is back after an unexpected (ahem) week off! In the first half, Brandon, Harrison and Josh discuss what they’ve been playing lately (including more Persona 4 Golden and Dust: An Elysian Tail), and discover how long it takes to finally warm up to Deep Space Nine. Then, after the break, Heidi joins us for a new segment in which some incredibly sweet ice wine is enjoyed during a session of mandatory positivity. Then, to wrap things up, we tackle a heap of listener emails and read not one, not two, but three JKP fan fics.

Hit the jump for this week’s related videos and images!

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13 comments on “JKP! Ep.133: Aggressive Discharge

  1. Brenden Jan 23, 2013

    Holy fucking shit. That was amazing.

    Brandon, you reading that sounded better than it did in my head. The fucking sound effects, the fucking music, the fucking reading. Christ almighty that was perfect.

    I promise not to complain about anything for two whole fucking weeks. Pinky promise.

    I appreciate that Heidi caught that I threw in a nod to Josh clapping.

    I’m not going to lie, I skipped the first two fanfics when I heard “furry”.


    • Then you missed out. The second one was the high point of the episode.


    • If you guys want to see kind of the game that Harrison was thinking of making I would say Phantom Crash (the first one on PS2) is close. Future Pop(Bubblegum crisis like) society about people who make custom mech suits that fight in arenas and you AI are hyper intelligent animals (cats, dogs, rabbits, anything) It’s an awesome game mainly because it removes the clunky action from a game like mechwarrior and replaces it with something like the gameplay from the Ghost in the Shell game (the tachikoma one) from the ps1 era. I wish that game could be made today because I spent hours tooling with all the things you could do.


      • also that was suppose to not be a reply but a new post. sorry.

        I enjoyed Andrews fanfics


  2. Don’t worry Harrison, Dojima is 42! (spoilers, i guess?)


  3. Your right Josh! Buboes are an infection of the lymphatic system and is most often associated with the bubonic plague in the Middle Ages. Good Job!


  4. as soon as I heard fan fiction, I skipped and oh boy was it awesome, especially the last one!
    now about the bone poping…I love that sound, but dont know why.

    also I can pop almost every part of my body (neck, legs, arms, back…) and it drives people crazy, but my ankles, I can pop any time, all the time:D


  5. Talby Jan 27, 2013

    Data.. dies!


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