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JKP! Ep.126: Dogs on eBay – Jump Kick Punch!

Bark bark, woof. Bark.

Join Brandon and Harrison as they watch Tom celebrate his newest purchase through a LIVE Playstation Vita¬†update/installation and compare some Halo 4 pros vs. Halo 4 cons (featuring heavy spoilers, so beware!). Then, after the break, Eric catches us up with some Tales From the North featuring X-Com, ‘Blood & Chrome’, and plenty of robots. Plus, some listener emails!

Hit the jump for this week’s related videos! Bark!

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21 comments on “JKP! Ep.126: Dogs on eBay

  1. Maverick Nov 27, 2012

    Another great episode, guys. A couple of points-

    -Yes, Maverick is my legal name, but I have NEVER seen Top Gun. It’s a sin, really….but I do understand the reference.
    -I am a ” prop maker “, but nowhere near as proffessional or organized as Harrison or some other guys out there. I just do it for fun, in my spare time, when I’m not eating, drinking, sleeping, or schooling.

    Thanks for answering my question! Yeah, Dupstep is fine for it’s comical uses, but as far as a musical genre………I just don’t get it.


    • hey maverick,
      where abouts in Canada are you from? fellow Canadian here and an extremely amateur here. if you’re in the YEG area, we should hang out.

      also, as an aside, sorry i sent another e-mail today. i hate being that guy who never shuts up. if you guys (the jkp crew) have a heavy back load of e-mails to get through, you might want to consider putting mine on a back burner for a while.


      • Brandon Nov 28, 2012

        We always welcome listener emails, Cody. I’ll usually try to limit it to one email per listener per episode, but we’ll eventually get to every email. No worries.
        I’m also saving a few emails for the return of Josh and Zack, as their particular perspectives/answers are likely to be too colorful to pass up.


    • As with most music I find I enjoy dubstep covers more than originals.
      Best dubstep:


  2. Fuck, that Hotline Miami soundtrack is good!



  3. Tom, I usually forget things really easily, except video games/pop culture, so no, it’s burned into my memory and thats why I’m shotguning through 1 and 2, just to kinda get to the end of 3 as soon as possible, to try and forget what I know and not expect the ending when it comes.

    also dubstep, the dances that came from those are amazing!

    I have a fun thing I’m kinda proud…I memorised the whole dialogue from The Mask movie, every word =)


    • Just to clearafy, I was watching a preview video of Buttbutt creed 3, just to hopefully see the come combat and tree climbing and then they show a very important thing that happened mid game and the ending.

      Also Tom, would you like a Dota 2 key? Had a ton of hours in LoL, then tried Dota and never looked back=)


      • I would give it a shot if you have spares


      • I have DotA2 AND keys/invites, but that game is just too intimidating and the players are just… well, if you’re new, they’re assholes to you. I tried it once, and just got fed up with the trash talk to a FIRST TIME PLAYER.


        • really? I had the exact experience with LoL and the best first experience with Dota.
          if you had that early on, when matchmakeing was horrible (fixed now),I totally understand. if you want to give it another try, you have my steam ID up there=)


  4. Krispee Kreme Challenge! Yes! I’ve run it 4 times.

    This started as a bet between friends at NCSU (my alum). It has since exploded into a charity race that raises a crapload of cash for the children’s hospital this year.

    If yall aren’t busy that 1st weekend in February, you should come on up to Raleigh and run it!

    4 miles, 1 dozen doughnuts, 2400 cal, ONE HOUR.



    • Brandon Nov 28, 2012

      …This may require sincere thought and discussion.


    • why do i feel like that will make me want to throw up more than a beer mile?


  5. Tyler Nov 28, 2012

    woof woof bark woof

    woof woof kibble


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