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JKP! Ep.114: Dragon*Con LIVE! (a.k.a. “Little Poland”) – Jump Kick Punch!

Comin’ atcha LIVE from the hotel and show floor with raspy voices, numb feet, and booby-trapped beds!

Join us for tales of Josh’s insane coworker adventure, amazing and terrifying cosplay, a surprise gift from an awesome listener, and much more!

Warning: the Audio quality for the first half varies WILDLY due to a minor technical hiccup, so we apologize for the up-and-down. 

Hit the jump for a mini-gallery of JKP’s D*C adventures!

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8 comments on “JKP! Ep.114: Dragon*Con LIVE! (a.k.a. “Little Poland”)

  1. Billy Sep 5, 2012

    Sachi and I didn’t realize that you guys were recording when we walked by, but in any case that Wabbajack is fantastic! Also, it was a pleasure to finally meet everyone in person after listening for the last couple of years.


  2. I’m still not entirely convinced that any of those people were actual listeners. I’m pretty sure, in fact, that they are actors hired by the FCC to monitor free-broadcast internet media and verify that JKP is not a terrorist cell nor do they threaten the security of the Rigelian envoy--

    … son of a bitch, Josh. Son of a bitch. What have you done?!


    • You’re now interested in the real truth of things. Manually.


  3. It’s partly true. We in fact are an envoy from a planet composed of beings that resemble strange, frumpy versions of your planet’s cartoon characters and puppets.

    Again, had an awesome time. You guys are all super-talented, and the sheer WORK you put into your own business and the podcast is pretty inspirational. Hear that internet? Get off your asses!

    Let me know if you need a Halloween makeup. :)


  4. Anonymous Sep 5, 2012

    I for the D&D episodes, I expect a TPK (Total Party Kill.)


  5. Perturbo Sep 7, 2012

    Perhaps Tom will die while attempting to pet a Dire Squirrel.


  6. Hey guys! Great episode! It was really great meeting you all at Dragon*Con, let’s do it all again next year! =D


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