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JKP’s Official Dragon*Con 2012 Meet-Ups – Jump Kick Punch!

JKP’s Official Dragon*Con 2012 Meet-Ups

August 30, 2012

JKP is going to be at Dragon*Con this weekend, and we want to meet YOU! We have two official meetups planned:

  • one on FRIDAY at 5:00p and
  • another on SATURDAY at 4:00p.

Both meetups will take place in the general vicinity of the Pulse Bar in the Marriott lobby.

For easy identification/introduction, commit the faces on our podcast’s “About” Page to memory. Brandon will be there! Josh will be there! Zack will be there on Friday! Tom will be there on Saturday, sorta! Harrison will be there question mark? (He’s a busy man.) Also present: friends of the show, special guests, and a whole buttload of cosplayers. Hope to see you there!

Hit the jump to take a trip down memory lane and witness some of JKP’s D*C adventures from 2010!

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