We’re coming at this one half-crunked & fully relaxed.

It’s back to normal (ha) this week as Brandon, Tom, Zack, Josh and Harrison discuss Nintendo’s out-of-nowhere slam dunk livestream event from last Thursday, Gravity Rush’s success as the first standout title for Sony’s Playstation Vita, the tongue-in-cheek humor of Lego Batman 2, and some unsettling news about the shuffled decks at DC Comics. Plus, Zack brings in a delightfully dated and totally absurd Flash back issue, and we tackle a couple of comic-related listener emails.

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8 comments on “JKP! Ep.104: Stupid Baby Trainwreck

  1. I’m half way with this podcast, but as it was said, Josh told us way too much about the game, but will still get it, not to mention the pirates of the caribbean =) . now the lotr lego game, I’m kinda dissapointed, that they will have the movie voices and as a non lotr fan ( the movies were not my cup of tea in any way ), I might not want to pick it up, even thou I love the lego games made by TT.


    • oh and about gravity rush.
      just watching the trailer and harrisons approval on the game I really want to play it, but I don’t have a vita, nor going to own 1 in the future, but would the game work outside the psp vita, or should I abandon all hope for a pc port?


    • Josh is not known for brevity… you gotta admit, Josh, you kinda spoiled a lot of cool things that happen in that game.


    • There’s still plenty of greatness there. Still worth a purchase!


  2. everywhere I go, people keep saying “this is the first Lego game where they talk!”….does nobody remember “Lego Island”? I remember “Lego Island”…

    Thanks for the comic suggestions, guys. And I have been picking up the Invincible trade paperbacks ever since you first suggested it many episodes ago. I’ve got a long way to go still before I’m caught up, but I’m a One Piece fan, so this is nothing new to me.


    • Patrick Jun 27, 2012

      I remember Tyler, but I also remember not liking it

      I will second Zacks suggestion of Vagabond, Its really great and now comes in a giant “vizbig” edition. I am still burning through the Invincible trade myself along with reading my Batman trades trying to figure out Grant Morrisons “case zero” when he went off the rails. One that I would throw out there is the Blade of the Immortal series just because its weird and crazy (samurai is infected with worms that heal him making him immortal and kills a bunch of people)

      I think I said this before but, Grant Morrison is to DC as Brian Michael Bendis is to Marvel. They come up with great “big story” ideas but have no idea how to follow through with the universe and characters involved. That being said I still defend that Morrison’s Batman & Robin is freaking great and you should at least give the 1st trade a read.


    • Patrick Jun 28, 2012

      Also if your a fan of kickass they are coming out with Hit Girls run. So there’s that.


  3. Shadra Jul 2, 2012

    Well, nobody can say they’re surprised at Josh’s preference for overwhelming amounts of expository-- he’s not a fan of ambiguous narrative, after all.

    Yeah, take /that/ for the novel comment.

    Anyway, I’ll probably pick up the Civil War novel, then, and let you know how it is. The premise of that whole arc always seemed interesting to me, and I remember when it was being published that it was talked about fairly often by friends, so it’s probably the only named arc that I’ve remembered. Here’s hoping the quality of writing isn’t bad-- technique over content wins for me any day of the week.


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