It’s all about the games. Allegedly.

We’re deep in the thick of E3 2012, and Brandon, Tom, Josh and Harrison have their red pens primed and ready for an evaluation of the “big three” press conferences: Microsoft, Sony, and that plucky little rascal called Nintendo. Throw in some EA dismissal and Ubisoft praise and you’ve got yourself an extra-beefy E3 episode to remember!

And hey, hit the jump for all of this week’s related media, including the press conferences in their entirety!

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13 comments on “JKP! Ep.101: E3 2012, The Movie You Can Lose

  1. I was wrong about Promethean origin (They’re the Warrior class of Forerunner, which is under the Builder class). So the bad guys ARE Forerunner based, but all Forerunners aren’t the same. Blah blah blah… all of this makes me want to re read the books. I’ve got time…


    • Perturbo Jun 6, 2012

      Touching on Cortana, the holy grail of the AI design is a stable rampant AI. Humans have not come up with such a thing, I think the current thinking is Cortana has the best chance of being that stable AI since she was made non standard (fall of reach).

      We have seen a “turned” Cortana tweek I the game before. Gravemind and Cortana I think it was the second game, so I don’t see her going “evil.” I do see her struggling with her impending rampancy either over this game or this story arc. This could be integrated with her protective feelings for Master Chief or humanity itself.
      Granted I have just read the books up to harvest, so YMMV.

      Railguns are real and the USN has been working on developing railguns to replace destroyer cannons with railguns.


      • Perturbo Jun 6, 2012

        When I think of MAC cannon I think a upgraded railgun.


    • Patrick Jun 6, 2012

      Because you and Harrison talk about the books so much I think I’m goin to pick them up, thank you/god dammit. Is there any specific books I should not get or is it all good?


      • The Eric Nuylund books are great, and the recent Greg Bear and Karen Traviss books are the newest ones. Karen’s “Glasslands” specifically happens before 4, and gives some insight on the UNSC Infinity at the end.


        • Harrison Jun 8, 2012

          Skip “The Flood” (second book in the series.) It wasn’t written by Nylund, I can’t recall what typewriter mashing monkey hammered it out, but it’s insufferable.

          Essentially it’s a narrated recount of everything that occurred in the original HALO.


          Like, “Master Chief took three steps back, while reloading his shotgun. More Flood were approaching, and he needed to be prepared.”

          It’s terribad


  2. Patrick Jun 6, 2012

    It’s really odd that Microsoft is banking so hard on the Xbox being a media center since around 2002 or 2004 they actually had Microsoft media center which essentially was exactly what Harrison described, it was just a computer built to be the thing you watch tv/listen to music with. Nobody bought it because people said “hey, I can make a better computer for less than what they are charging and still get all the features”

    After watching nintendos conference and hearing the podcast the only games I can come up with for the wiiU that actually use the thing as designed is fatal frame or Pokemon snap so either I fail as a game concept guy or Nintendo is SUPER-BONED.


    • The people who are saying ““hey, I can make a better computer for less than what they are charging and still get all the features” aren’t the people they’re trying to sell this box to. Years and years after 2004, millions of people own the 360, so now they’re trying to take over the entire house, making the 360 the only thing you turn on for movies/games/etc.



    “Bemcome a Super Cyan!”


    • Andrew Jun 6, 2012

      I always wanted to be very blue!!!! Especially after trying to win the beam battle. I just want to see two people play then turn airways and face each other and punching wildly. It’s like revolutionary rock ’em sock ’em robots.


  4. I agree with Harrison that trusting Turn 10 to make a good racing is a safe bet. Unfortunately, Forza Horizon is being developed by Playground Games (in collaboration with Turn 10), and this is their first title. After watching the trailer and reading up on their website, it really looks like they are going for an open world Need for Speed thing.

    Though I’m a little dubious of the fast and furious vibe, they will be using the same car physics as Forza 4 and they will be including the livery editor and Tag. Sold.


    • Harrison Jun 8, 2012

      Tag, Livery, Day 1 purchase.

      That said, did you hear the premise? You’re at a car show and trying to become “King” of the show by doing driving missions. Also, there were unsettling titles in the demo footage like “SWEET PASS 250pts!” which worry me.

      I trust Turn 10, but I used to trust Codemasters too. Hopefully this doesn’t all go to their head. One spurt of blue flame, and I’m out.


  5. Haven’t finished the podcast but this is what I have to say

    Poor Sony for trying to play catch up, where there is no reason, like you said.
    Now the xbox media thing, I see your point harrison, but a 300$ media box?! That sounds way to freaking expensive, but an xbox as a media center, great move, only it would not work in every country…like here for exampel, where there there is no hulu, netflix…

    Just as a fun fact, there is a company here, thet jailbreaks your xbox or ps3 legaly, with waranty. why? 40eur for a pc/wii game, fair enough and 60eur+ for a xbox/ps3 game…also god of war was 80 eur so fuck that …yarrgh


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