JKP Presents: The London Comic Con, Starring Nik the Unpronounceable Day 2 & 3

May 31, 2012

 (DAYS 2 & 3)

Welcome back! As we last left our heroes… er, hero, Nik Marirarir…. Nik Myeraringrgaodfug…. Nik the Unpronounceable was at the London Comic Con and giving us rad impressions. Here’s day 2 and 3, with more stupid commentary by yours truly.

Day 2 kicked off pretty interesting as there was an obvious increase in cosplayers, stands and lines so, if you were not among the first ones, you had to wait at least an hour or 2.

Stormtroopers were called in to keep everything running smoothly, but since everyone had a British accent, the troopers thought everyone was their commanding officer.

Among the more interesting stands was a origami stand, that showcased a lot of Star Wars with little else, but I think people were more than impressed.

Even though the entire display went through the wash the day before the con, you can still make out Luke's Kickass Jedi Nunchaku from the movie in the corner there.

On the other side, there was a signing booth of Anthony Daniels, which personally I think, was just horrible fan service, since you had to pay for the autograph, but hey, you got a picture for free.

"Yeah, once Anthony Daniels saw me he tackled me to the ground and took five bucks from my wallet. What else does he do all day?"

Oh and here is a picture of firefox [see below] and the food stand with milk next to the bottles of tea.

You can choose from Jalapeno Watermelon, Ginseng Asshole, and Sheep's Urine flavors. Or you can just get water if you're weird.

Now with all the marketing going on for Lollipop Chainsaw, I expected this game to be horrible, but its actually not that bad, but its also not that great. Its the kind of game which was talked about on the podcast many times. Japan making a game for the US.

Shortly after this picture was taken, this poster was asked to leave the con and dress in something more appropriate.

Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor is an interesting game, that was executed well enough, using the kinect and joystick to play the game, but its still the kinect, which for this game is just not accurate enough and with so much stuff you can do in the mech, you need that accurecy, which is pretty much the only bad part of the game and a big enough reason for me not to get it.

Meanwhile, Zack from FFVII is wondering just where the hell the Limit Break bar is.

 Day 2 also featured the reveal for the new TMNT, but I waited in line to play the new Tekken for about a hour, but with the amount of excitement I heard from the show room, I think its ok to say, that it will be good.

Nik didn't send us any TMNT related pics, so here's Skeevy As All Hell David Bowie checking out this Firefox girl's ass.

 Day 3 over and it just got normal. The lines are smaller, only a few pikachu pejamas, but more free hugs signs for some reason…oh well.

Looks like Homeless Superman there is giving Free Shrugs.

If you want to try a game or get a picture with somebody, this is the time to do it, as the amount of people is just perfect, where the lines last about 10 minutes, the stands like Edds World are sold out and you can get a picture with almost everybody, if they want it of course.

"A grumpy picture on the internet is surely better than a cheerful one. No smiles, ever"

So Harrison made the gun out of wood, foam and such, well the gun I’m holding is made from resin and metal, so it was the heaviest thing ever and the guy that had this, was taking pictures with the other hand. Points for effort!

No Nik, points go to *you* for your amazing Mad Dog from the A-Team cosplay.

Project Zero on the Wii was actually really fun, except the part where everybody was playing the game and the people there had no clue how to advance in the game, so running around lost was a big part of the game for me.

"Beat the Beat"? What, are we finally getting a Chris Brown game?

Dragon’s Dogma. Finaly got to play it and it’s like Lollypop Chainsaw, only a lot slower and visually more interesting. Also the combat is fun, but you have to take your time. Fun fact, you can lift your companion and throw him into the enemy and he doesn’t mind it.

Right after this picture was taken, Giant Mode Lara Croft demonstrated by heaving someone's tiny mother at the camera.

 The rest of the day, there was a q&a with Danny DeVito about the movie The Lorax and a Costume contest, but time was short and I could not attend that.

Probably for the best, since everyone who attended was eaten by this guy. Man, that Xenomorph never saw it coming.

So to sum it up, ComicCon london was a interesting experience and its even better if you are cos playing, since after you check out the stalls, you pretty much hang out with the rest of the cos players at the steps of the entrance, or at the nearest bar because why not :)

"Hey baby, do you like Mudki-where're you going? DON'T YOU WALK AWAY FROM ME"

Thanks Nik! As always, we appreciate it. Tell Nik thanks in the comments, and don’t be afraid to send us your pictures and descriptions of just any old thing.

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