Boy howdy, it sure is August up in here! Brandon, Josh and Tom are joined by frequent guest and master replicator Harrison Krix of Volpin Props (and a fond hello to you, too, search engines) as well as several beers for a cordial discussion about Nintendo’s follies, some of the 360’s ‘Summer of Arcade’ gems, and questionable parenting tactics under the sea. Plus, listener emails and– shock and alarm— a listener voicemail, of all things!

Show highlights:

0:04:20 – After a vague, meandering intro, the show officially starts with some Volpin Props/Mass Effect news! What’s up, Harrison??

0:25:40 – So, the Nintendo 3DS price drop happened. Some are less than enthused. Some are practically dancing in the streets. Let’s see who’s on which side of THAT fence, I wonder…

1:06:46 – Intermission!

1:09:37 – Brandon sings the praises of Supergiant Games’ first-ever release, Bastion! (Spoiler: It’s really good!) It’s also coming to Steam on August 16th: PC owners take note!

1:25:19 – Brandon also recommends Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet!

1:33:04 – Harrison’s discussion about busted cars leads quite poetically into a discussion about the disregarded treasure that was, apparently, Bioshock 2!

2:02:58 – Listener emails! First up is… a listener voicemail, actually! Andrew, lay it on us!

2:05:39 – Lee writes in to ask two questions that are so, so close to being correct, but are not at all correct.

2:09:16 – Justin writes in to ask us about our potential coverage of Gamescon and TGS!

2:13:55 – Tyler gifts us with another installment of the Crowley Cwestion Corner, inspiring commentary on bronies, famous voices, and JKP the Musical: On Ice!

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5 comments on “JKP! Ep.80: Instantly Catastrophic

  1. I really hope you guys can get Matt Mercer on the podcast, that would be great for the site’s popularity. Also, Josh won’t admit it, but he gave bad info. Josh said the following about the voice actor; “Tom knows the guy who does the voice of Lion-O on Thundercats” “I think he’s also the same guy who voiced Fei Long in the Street Fighter Animated Movie”. Josh dropped the ball, not me…. anyyway, I’m looking forward to hearing Matt Mercer (if you can get him on the show).


  2. Billy Aug 10, 2011

    Matt is a wonderful guy and hilarious. I was playing against him in Street Fighter 4 and as Fei Long he’ll throw out “I LOST” if he loses a round. It confuses the fuck out of his opponents, ha ha


  3. I found a centaur zolo for you…


  4. what happened to the direct download link…?


    • jumpkickpunch Aug 17, 2011

      Keen eye, Nik. I’m making some changes on our back-end that will knock that out for a couple of days. Sorry for any inconvenience.


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