Brandon, Josh, and special out-of-town guest Eric Aichele discuss mediocre yet unrelenting giant robots, awesome dwarves of televised high fantasy, collectible card games worthy of wedgies, and much more in this very special, extra-patriotic Independence Day weekend episode. Push up your glasses, pull up those knee socks and salute the flag with us, you pinko commie! Oh yeah, also there’s a listener email in there, somewhere. USA! USA! USA!

Show highlights:

0:00:35 – We welcome long-time listener, first-time participant Eric to the podcast. Hello, Eric.

0:04:05 – Transformers 3 happened! It’s bad! It’s good! It’s basically gnodab.

0:51:37 – Intermission!

0:53:44 – Game of Thrones is pretty swell, reports basically everyone.

1:14:16 – We discuss the aborted, American version of Akira and other ill-fated anime adaptations.

1:26:12 – Listener emails! Billy inspires a discussion about Magic: the Gathering and other wedgie-worthy teenage addictions.

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5 comments on “JKP! Ep.76: Dark of the Game of Magic the Gathering

  1. Game of Thrones has the best cast of any show I have ever seen. It cannot be recommended enough.

    Martin has said that if he dies before the books get finished that he doesn’t want to pull a Robert Jordan where someone finishes the books. However, if he dies before the books get finished the HBO show will get finished, and the show runners have been given access to Martin’s notes and have been told how the books are “supposed” to end.

    Eric, Overpower; really? Fuck you. I had just managed to forget that sad portion of my life until you brought it all bad. Thanks.

    Magic tournaments are crazy. Some award over a hundred thousand dollars in prizes, trips to Paris or jobs with WotC making new Magic cards.


  2. It seems to me that everyone forgets Shockwave was in the movie and was by far one of the better enemies not to mention he comes riding a gaint snake Decipticon!!!!


    • Andrew Jul 6, 2011

      more of a worm than a snake but it was neat never the less


    • We were too distracted by American Car Porn. ‘MERICUH!


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