Could ‘Rayman Origins’ Finally Validate Rayman?

June 9, 2011

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I played and loved the original Rayman back in the mid-90’s. Like other colorful mascots of the time, his transition to full 3D gameplay was not a smooth one. Your mileage may vary, but he’s basically been a non-entity, as far as I’ve been concerned, for the past decade and change.

It is with great surprise and delight, therefore, that this new 2D, beautifully-animated sidescroller makes its full reveal at E3 this year. It looks incredible, sounds incredible, and has just the right sense of humor to pique my interest.

Check out the live demo playthrough from Ubisoft’s Press Conference after the jump:

[vsw id=”UOHwacaZilA” source=”youtube” width=”640″ height=”390″]


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2 comments on “Could ‘Rayman Origins’ Finally Validate Rayman?

  1. The answer is: Yes.


  2. Hand drawn 2D games are a brilliant, but dying breed. I love hand drawn 2D games myself, and I think the new Rayman looks gorgeous.


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