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Brandon Obviously Reports: Sonic Generations Still Looks Incredible – Jump Kick Punch!

Brandon Obviously Reports: Sonic Generations Still Looks Incredible

June 8, 2011

Those who have followed the blue hedgehog’s exploits know that the Dreamcast-era games, despite not holding up particularly well, are vaunted by critics and fans alike as “better days” for the series. There’s a lot there to remember, as it helped define the franchise in terms of approach and aesthetic for the following decade, but the stand-out element for most people was the music. One of the more notorious tunes was the cliche-heavy song “Escape From the City” for the City Escape stage. It’s so bad that it’s good, for most. I fall into that camp.

Well, guess which Dreamcast-era stage was just announced for Sonic Generations with a brand-spanking new CG/gameplay trailer?

Catch the new trailer, gameplay and extra secrets after the jump:

Still lookin’ pretty good, huh? Well, eagle-eyed fans have already spotted some hidden nods that show SEGA is seriously aiming to make this a true celebration of the better parts of the franchise.

Slow that trailer down and you might notice that several of the billboards and signage aren’t just recreations of elements that were present in SA2; they also contain nods to some of the more obscure (and therefore beloved) characters from Sonic’s yesteryears. Nack the Weasel (from Sonic Triple Trouble) and both Bark the Polar Bear & Bean the Dynamite Duck (from Sonic: the Fighters) appear on wanted posters throughout the city. Other buildings are named after more prominent characters, as well (a la “Tails’ Pizza”).

Some old news that is suddenly relevant: SEGA has hired the vocalist of the original “Escape From the City” to return and sing an all-new version just for Generations. I’m absolutely on-board for this. As if I needed to say that. Bring on the exploitatively nostalgic remix!

Also present on the show floor is the 3DS version, which sticks to a pure 2D gameplay experience that lets you zip through the same environment as both Sonics with different abilities at their disposal– classic Sonic has the spin dash, for example, while modern Sonic uses the boost feature and has a homing attack:

The zone looks pretty sparse in terms of set dressing, so the console version is still obviously going to be the better experience all-around. Tentative release date for both versions is 11/22.

Also: the Sonic Generations-based anniversary event is tonight, so expect some further news to potentially make its way here as the week rolls on.

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