They live! Brandon, Josh, and Zack return alive and well from the frozen wasteland of Atlanta, GA after a week of uncharacteristic and nigh-apocalyptic winter conditions for another extra-long podcast themed mainly around pictures of actors dressed as superheroes. Also in this episode: a brief and belated CES recap, an evaluation of NBC’s latest comics-inspired effort, a shameful finger-waggling at the Square end of Square-Enix and a bevy of listener emails!

Show highlights:

0:02:27 – A Winter Storm utterly annihilates the southern metropolis of Atlanta! Epic tales of bravery, stupidity, and the zombie apocalypse abound.

0:24:04 – What was cool about the Consumer Electronics Show from two weeks back? Does anyone even remember a world before Lady Gaga TV Goggles?

0:34:08 – Square, stop it. Stop making video games. Just for a little while, okay? Take a break. Brandon is very passionate about this, despite Josh and Zack not even giving half a shit either way.

0:48:05 – Josh and Zack had a little sit-down the NBC’s newest superhero serial, The Cape. What’d they make of it? Here’s a hint: one hated it, one thinks it’s alright. Guess which is which!

1:03:14 – Intermission! (followed by an update on Zack’s foot!)

1:06:33 – So that mysterious cast lineup image from X-Men First Class showed up online, and boy is it wonky. And boy has Zack ever been privileged to see some other behind-the-scenes stuff, and boy is it even wonkier than you’d imagine outside of mysterious cast lineup image. Boy!

1:21:33 – Chris Evans’ Cap is looking truly great, though, especially WWII-era Cap. Painted-on helmet wings! Flawless victory!

1:32:10 – And hey, the new Spider-Man movie’s first production photo is also kicking equal amounts of ass! Hooray!

1:53:42 – Listener Emails! Lee asks us about Tower Prep and Symbionic Titan, two Cartoon Network shows that none of us have really seen enough of to lay down a verdict.

2:06:38 – Vicky writes in to thank us for keeping her company during her winter break, which somehow leads to the group talking about the end of the world and the hidden merits of 4chan.

2:12:27 – Tyler makes a suggestion for a second themed episode!

2:16:10 – Nik the Unpronouncable (sorry, Nik!) wants to know what we think about movie to game and game to movie adaptations. Which ones do we think have been most successful?

2:30:44 – Terry asks where the extra JKP content is. Come on, boys, where dat content at?

2:35:25 – Alex saw Part One of our New Pokemon Rundown and has an astute observation to share. Drop that discovery on us, Alex.

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10 comments on “JKP! Ep.55: Mass of Impassable Slickness

  1. These snow stories you guys have are awesome. Mainly because you guys sound like cats who see their reflection and are going “WHAT?! WHAT WHO… WHO ARE WHAT?!?! HOW IS THIS?!” Ahhhh you guys…

    I wish it snowed here every year like this. I mean, I’m used to snowy icy winters. They rule. Forever. Man… I hope it snows again! Also maybe that would get Atlanta morons used to it so they wouldn’t BURN THEIR BMWS. Idiots.


  2. I never said “Hey f**kbag”…


  3. Tower Prep and Symbionic Titan are both great shows, I highly recommend both of them, and I really hope they get picked up for a second season.


  4. Tyler Jan 21, 2011

    Wow, now I can’t wait for 2012:


    • Taking this opportunity to test an image post:


      Zack is going to squeal like a girl when he sees this.


      • Tyler Jan 21, 2011

        be a dear and tell him “Cha-La, Head-Cha-La” for me, would you Brandon?


  5. Andrew Jan 22, 2011

    I am impressed that Josh is still alive


  6. Your tirade on the oversensitive nature of Europeans concerning Nazis and the effect that will have on the Captain America movie is so full of disjointed logic that it makes me want to commit genocide.

    1. No one takes Nazis out of movies because they might offend “Europe”. The French aren’t going to wet themselves and surrender to a superhero flick.

    2. “Inglorious Basterds” is the only movie you can think of that had Nazis in it? Really? There are three movies every year that have Nazis or Hitler in them, and many of them do fairly well all over the world. Have you guys even heard of Indiana Jones?

    3. Marvel doesn’t own the copyright to Nazis or swastikas, but they DO own anything with Hydra on it. This is a simple way to own all parts of the merchandising revenue.


    • While I’m sure #3 is the big reason(I think the guys aren’t quite jaded enough to come up with that idea), but “blaming” it on a desire to be sensitive to the European market makes sense.


    • 1.) I wasn’t suggesting that European audiences would be terrified of a Nazi movie, I was just trying to say that it might not be very well-received over there. They changed G.I. Joe from “Real American Heroes” to broadly-defined international peacekeepers to appeal more directly to international audiences, so I can see them thinking similarly with this movie.

      2.) Inglorious Basterds was just the most recent example of high-profile Nazi exploitation Josh could think of. Even if it wasn’t, the Indiana Jones series has also been shying away from Nazi symbolism/representation itself, recently (see: and google for others), so it wouldn’t have assisted Josh’s point very successfully.

      3.) You guys are right, though, what we should have said was that “Generic Hydra Soldier” is an easier action figure to sell at Targets and WalMarts than “Generic Nazi Soldier”. Way better point that’s far easier to make.

      Please do not commit genocides, that would make us all very sad. Especially Tom.


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