Merry Something-or-Other, listeners! Brandon and Tom gather on the first “official” day of winter (ha ha, fuck you calendar it has been winter for weeks) to celebrate the Winter Solstice and other holidays by discussing DIsney Epic Mickey, ¬†Tron Legacy, and some assorted gaming news bites. Plus, some listener emails and a couple of honest-to-goodness voicemails! It’s a Christmas miracle!

Show highlights:

0:02:41 – Xmas! Tom’s going to Philly! Brandon’s staying in Atlanta! Let’s talk about holiday shit, YESSSS.

0:04:11 – CHRISTMASSSS! Enjoy some more generic holiday discussion.

0:16:00 – Tee and Bee discuss their most treasured video-game related christmas memories.

0:23:30 – Switching gears to current events, Brandon was quite fond of Tron Legacy, and is somewhat flummoxed by the nature of its many negative reviews!

0:34:50 – Brandon is not quite as fond of Disney Epic Mickey, although he really enjoyed it? What? That’s impossible, Brandon, explain yourself.

0:48:25 – Did you hear that Jon Favreau has left Iron Man 3? Did you hear that his next project will, instead, be called Magic Kingdom? Whole lotta’ Disney goin’ on up in here!

0:56:48 – Seriously, guys… don’t do it.

0:57:13 – Intermission!

0:58:56 – Tom cranked up the Dead Space 2 demo before the break. What did our boys think of their brief playthrough?

1:01:40 – Brandon recommends the DC Comics-based audiobooks from GraphicAudio! What a perfect last-minute/late gift that would make for your comic-loving sweetie this holiday season! (We’re now eagerly awaiting our well-earned endorsement deal, GA.)

1:07:33 – Someone wants to make a Madden Curse movie. IS THIS A BAD IDEA, Y/N?

1:11:12 – Tom’s playing WoW again! Uh ohhhhhh!

1:19:15 – So that fucking Spider-Man Musical injured another dude, continuing its rampage as a terrible monster of Broadway. UPDATE AFTER THIS RECORDING: It refuses to stay dead! Augh!

1:25:05 – Listener emails! Billy writes in first, asking what we got for others or want for ourselves this Christmas season!

1:34:45 – Tyler’s up next, asking us which obscure comic characters would make for great animated series.

1:41:00 – Anonymous Voicemail A, in which a classic prank call is made by someone who we swear is not Zack.

1:42:05 – Anonymous Voicemail B, in which ha ha ha ha ha haaaaa ha ha ha. Ahhh.

1:43:44 – Tom and Brandon perform a live gift exchange! What’d they get? What sort of granddaughter is Brandon? LISTEN TO FIND OUT!

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4 comments on “JKP! Ep.52: Fun! Nice! Smart! Nice!

  1. Audiobooks are the only things I have time to “read” these days, and Graphic audio is one of the higher quality audiobook sources. I listened to the adaptation of 52 with my wife. They are a hardcore gateway drug. Since then she has decided to watch all of the animated Justice League, read 52 to see what all they cut out of the audiobook, Sinestro Corps war, and Blackest Night. I see they’ve added Final Crisis and Infinite Crisis, I suppose I’ll have to grab them to help fill the blank spots in her knowledge of what links all those stories.

    Invincible is one of the few comics that live up to their hype. I’d love to see it animated.


  2. Craig Dec 27, 2010

    Read this before you blindly make fun of the Spider-Man musical.


    • I don’t mean to sound like a bully against the billion-dollar creative minds behind “Turn Off the Dark,” but Collura’s defensive soapbox, when he hasn’t seen the show himself, hardly stands up to the first-hand accounts of other online writers and bloggers who have:

      I would much rather adhere to the first-hand accounts and general opinions of Spider-Man/comic-loving nerds who have all seen full preview performances-- without actor injuries-- and walked away scratching their heads. They seemed to have enjoyed some aspects just fine, but what little there is to praise sounds overshadowed by massive problems in the script and the songs themselves. (A “geek” chorus? Really?)

      I just don’t think the medium of a broadway musical is the best way to share the exciting aspects of this character, and the fact that they seem to be proudly pouring so much money into the attempt is where I find it hard to hold back a critical barb. Injured actors/stuntmen aside, the show sounds just awful to me.


  3. Jimmy Dec 28, 2010

    I got free passes to watch an advanced showing of the Spider-Man Musical (Turn Off the Dark), and it was alright. It wasn’t amazing by any stretch, but it certainly wasn’t as bad as toplessrobot or comicsalliance make it out to be. It isn’t half as cheesy as those two websites make it out to be. Anything can be made to sound stupid or cheesy by putting a slight spin on things. You can easily make Inception sound cheesy or stupid just by spinning certain scenes in a different light.

    Honestly, plays like Wicked and Annie Get Your Gun are far more cheesy broadway musicals then Turn Off The Dark. Spider-Man: TOFD isn’t stellar or groundbreaking, but it’s a full step or two above average. It’s also hands down the most fun play that I’ve seen in the last decade. I’d much rather pay 65 dollars for a high budgeted Spider-Man play, then have to watch another rendition of Phantom of the Opera or Evita for the same price.


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