Things@Brandom: This is What We Must Look Like

November 22, 2010

You know how we, by which I mean video game enthusiasts and geeks and nerds and Tom, tend to flip out when something we like is announced? You know how people stand up and high five until their hands shatter when a welcome surprise is unveiled or they give out free consoles during any E3 press conference?

This is probably what we look like to our girlfriends and wives and mothers and everyone who is not us:

It’s easy to laugh at these ladies and lady-esque gentlemen, but don’t laugh too hard because¬†we’ve certainly had our own moments within our individual fanbases.

Besides, don’t hate because those purses looked amaaaaaziiiiiiiiiiing.

Get ready for TWO podcast updates this week; one regularly scheduled episode and one very special, Tom-helmed episode from last week because I was on the moon doing moon stuff, you wouldn’t understand because you’ve never been.

It is fucking radical up there, let me tell you.

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2 comments on “Things@Brandom: This is What We Must Look Like

  1. Is this what Tom looked like when Halo : Reach was announced/released? :P We love you Tom. Cheers~


  2. Cloud Nov 22, 2010

    This is hilarious, Oprah cracks me up.


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