JKP Bulletin: Zack Borked His Foot, Late Podcast, NEW CONTEST!

November 30, 2010

Zack suffered a completely inconvenient injury over the Thanksgiving weekend (not like all those other, super-convenient bone breakings that happen all the time and everyone loves), effectively throwing our recording schedule out of whack. We apologize, especially since that recording schedule has been so air-tight and reliable for ever and ever, amen.

Unfortunately, and strangely out-of-character, the events surrounding Zack’s broken foot (specifically a Jones fracture) are entirely un-extraordinary. IT IS UP TO YOU TO FIX THIS.


Write your own elaborate tale describing how Zack broke his foot and under what circumstances. Submit your incredible TRUE stories to podcast@jumpkickpunch.com or through the comments section of this very blog entry.

The Prize: a complimentary copy of Telltale’s Poker Night at the Inventory (which is Brandon and Tom approved, by the way!) or your $5.00 iPhone game of choice.

Further contest details available after the jump:

…Since Zack is unaware of this contest, he will have the entries read to him in a future episode and pick the winner himself. (This means you should probably cater the story to his personal preferences, wink-wink.) The story should not exceed three paragraphs (which still leaves it pretty wide open). You can only submit one story, so make it a good one. We encourage the inclusion of imagery or anything else that assists your detailed narrative!

Edit:: If you don’t care for or own an iPhone and Poker Night doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, we will gladly gift you any $5.00 Steam game of your choice instead.

Entries will be due by noon this coming Saturday, 12/4.

Meanwhile, Tom and I will be recording tonight, in some fashion, so there will be an episode this week. God damn it.

Oh, and get well soon, Zack!

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2 comments on “JKP Bulletin: Zack Borked His Foot, Late Podcast, NEW CONTEST!

  1. James Nov 30, 2010

    Best wishes to Zack, hope he is treated well and rests comfortably.
    Great idea for a contest will ponder thoroughly and definitely enter. The game actually looks quite interesting, I wasn’t expecting that.

    Good luck all, lets put our best foot forward!


  2. I hope Zack gets better soon. If I have the time, I’ll definitely try to make a story for the contest.


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