Oh look, a surprise Saturday podcast! Our frantic scramble to catch-up to a regular schedule gains significant ground with this latest episode, despite seemingly contagious exhaustion. Settle in as Brandon, Josh, Tom, and Zack join hands and harp on about Transformers, british personality spheres, and Jeph Loeb’s ability to defy both logic and fairness.

Show highlights:

0:05:32 – Jeph Loeb is the new head honcho of Marvel’s television projects, which is utterly baffling (also, Josh is slightly late)

0:20:39 – A very special interruption!

0:21:25 – We’ve all had a turn with the first chapter of Transformers: War for Cybertron, and we are varying degrees of impressed!

0:36:10 – Valve’s showing off gameplay previews of Portal 2, and we heart Wheatley

0:48:29 – Hulu is coming to game consoles and iProducts through a paid subscription service, and boy did they ever miss the mark on that one

0:53:29 – Kudo, the frontman of Microsoft’s Kinect, opened his mouth wide and barked out something so stupid and embarrassing that we just can’t let it slide

0:59:22 – Nintendo’s Sakurai, current brains behind the 3Ds’s impending¬†Kid Icarus launch title, is concerned about the creativity of first-person shooters

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2 comments on “JKP! Ep.28: Caught Up in the Dick Rider

  1. This is one of my favorite pictures you’ve made, Brandon.


  2. Game, all software, interfaces has been becoming more homogenized since day 1.
    Back in the DOS days programs took great pride in their “look and feel,” there were even some successful lawsuits when a competitor’s look and feel got too close. When Windows, and other similar GUI based OSes, became popular software look and feel became standardized, and courts ruled that look and feel could no longer be legally protected. Its nice to see a big name complaining about it, but he is a bit late.
    Companies are, understandably, way too scared to deviate too far from the standard boiler-plate because games cost too much money to make.


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