The second half of our show breaks free, forming a spin-off episode of its own! With a brand-new theme song and everything! Brandon, Josh, Tom, and Zack respond to YOUR email questions and concerns in a nice, compact, hour-long feast for the ears.

Our questions this week:

0:01:35 – Tyler and Karl both want to know how far we can flex our creative muscles with existing IP’s and unlimited budgets.

0:29:49 – Tyler also seeks guidance from Zack, our comic book guru, about how to penetrate the monthly comics barrier.

Twilight Princess Postman says:

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3 comments on “JKP! Ep.23: Listener Emails, Dream Movies Edition!

  1. So Josh wants the Elite Beat Agents movie to be about the Agents by focusing on the non-Elite Beat characters? As convoluted as it sounds it could work. Many story arcs in Sandman take that same approach, and everyone loves heaping praise on that. The Dr. Who episode “Blink” does it and the writer got all kinds of awards for it. To an extent Dumas’ Count of Monte Cristo, not the movie, does it.
    I’m not sure it would work as a stand alone movie. All the examples of it being successful are in multi-part serialized works. Though as a part one in a trilogy it could be fun, if at least one of the non-Agents becomes an agent at the end.
    A Sin City-esque Elite Beat movie would work better for everyone. Josh could have his they show up from no where and do shit story, and everyone else could have they stories about the Agency.

    As bad as the last episode of Battlestar Galactica was the rest of the series was good. So good that even infinite money wouldn’t be enough to make a new Battlestar succeed.

    Tom’s movie sounds way too far fetched. Audiences can only suspend disbelief so far.


    • The Elite Beat Agents movie is fun to think about in my head whenever I hear certain songs. I alternately imagine it as a stage musical, although that’s always harder. Of course, my mind’s always thinking about the musical numbers, how they’d go. I never really think about the glue that holds them together. That’s much the same way I used to “write” comics, thinking up set pieces and trying to glue them together somehow. I was never a good writer.

      Were I to write about the Agents themselves, J would be the star, Spin would be the rookie a-la Will Smith in Men in Black, and Chieftain and the Divas would be non-existent because I hate them. It would be hard to give them a narrative unto themselves, because their stories are their client’s stories. The meat of the game is the situations of the clients, and its what sets it apart from every other music game ever made.

      Talking about this is literally the most useless thing I could do, as Nintendo dumped the franchise like it was made of radioactive poop that was on fire, and I’m well aware that you’re more likely to see a Shenmue movie starring Christopher Lee than you are to ever see anything Elite Beat Agents, movie or otherwise, ever again.

      Let it be known that I think that’s a huge mistake, as literally right after Nintendo kicked their ass to the curb, the music genre exploded (In fact, MS has made shitloads of money off of the EBA creator’s subsequent game Lips even though that game is a pile of shit) and right after the music game genre took a dip, the show Glee became mind-bogglingly and odds-defyingly popular. The time is ripe for a karaoke rhythm musical game, and Nintendo obliterated the only franchise on earth capable of doing one justice.


  2. Andrew Jun 8, 2010

    I recommend Josh playing Megaman X7 and 8 because it is 3d style of the original play.


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