While Zack’s away, and in anticipation of E3 2010, Brandon, Tom, and Josh manifest their latent psychic powers to make some staggering predictions about the three high-profile press conferences; Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony. Place your bets, ladies and gents! (Also, how many times can three guys say “literally” within an hour and a half? Turns out a lot of times, actually.)

Show highlights:

0:01:35 – A brief nod to potential life on Saturn’s moon, Titan? No, wait, E3! No, wait, one of us isn’t here! NO, WAIT

0:02:28 – Tom beat Alan Wake, and now he dreams of collecting batteries

0:08:56 – Josh has turned on Bayonetta, just as it has apparently turned on him

0:12:26 – E3 speculation begins! Microsoft, you’re first up at bat with your magical circus in the sky performance or whatever, GO!

0:28:27 – Time to talk about Nintendo’s potential offerings, both good and bad

0:55:44 – Sony’s taking up the rear, but will they be the butt of every joke following their press conference?

1:06:38 – What about EA? What about Ubisoft? What about them, huh?

courtesy of gamespot forums

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4 comments on “JKP! Ep.24: Pre-Three Psychic Showdown

  1. I just listened and I will throw some games out there:

    Shadow the Hedgehog
    Sonic (the STORY series)
    Sonic Heroes
    Sonic 3D

    I think any of those 4 are more forgettable than Sonic Riders ever was. I’m just saying, it could be a hell of a lot worse…



  2. Natal and Move I see as this generation’s 32x and Sega CD. Perhaps the ideas are solid enough to warrant developing and selling, maybe they’ll even squeeze a couple years of weak support for them like the Sega CD got. But in the end they should either be central design features of the next gen systems or not developed. Wasn’t the most successful add on for a system the N64’s RAM expansion pack? Not a brilliant endorsement
    for the console add on business.

    Maybe the voice actors didn’t have to sign an NDA for this Kingdom Hearts game, but I bet the next game will include iron clad NDAs.


  3. If you think Sonic Riders 1 and 2 are more widely known installments of the franchise than Sonic Heroes or Sonic 3D Blast (is that the “3D” you meant?), then you’re wrong. It is to your credit, Tom, but you are wrong.

    Also god damn you for making me say that. It’s not even noon and I’m having a Sonic the Hedgehog discussion on the internet, WHAT IS MY LIFE.


  4. Andrew Jun 11, 2010

    I dont like the new format, but the song is cool for emails!


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