Capcom dropped trou’ and unleashed a steaming pile of Wow this week, so Brandon, Josh, and Tom gather ’round the laptop and talk about the announcement of Bionic Commando Rearmed 2, a fresh look at Dead Rising 2, and MAHVEL BAYBEE.

Show highlights:

0:01:25 – Having now watched several episodes, Brandon comes to an educated defense of Batman Brave & the Bold

0:13:14 – Marvel vs. Capcom 3! Just kidding, somehow we end up talking about Capcom’s befuddling corporate strategies, Game Genie, and fuzzy/inaccurate arcade memories instead

0:31:42 – MvC3, but for reals this time!

0:51:41 – Intermission! While Tom watches this video!

0:52:14 – Alright alright alright, let’s talk about some other “Captivate” games like Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 and Dead Rising 2

1:06:14 – Professional status or not, the man behind Crysis sure does like to open his mouth and bark out bizarre, retarded commentary on the gaming industry

1:14:19 – Brandon awkwardly segues back into Dead Rising 2

1:18:42 – The Lost iPhone Saga made this a very interesting week for the internet, due more to the drama than the technology

1:27:43 – We run out of things to talk about, so it’s time for another email question about our earliest, most impactful comic book memories!

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3 comments on “JKP! Ep.16: He’s So Pringles

  1. Vickaronomie Apr 25, 2010

    Sorry Brandon, I still don’t like Batman Brave & the Bold. The character designs/personalities/voices in that show make me want to sad, and I just cant get past that enough to see the story that you seem to like. The first Joker episode is what did it.

    But maybe I’ll try to make it through an episode, someday, and maybe I’ll have something good/educated to say about it. someday.


  2. Vickaronomie Apr 25, 2010


    Well fuck that.


  3. I do have an iDevice.
    However, I dislike winning by default. So why don’t you hold off an passing out the prize until there is an actual contest. If you want to give me prizes anyway I’d prefer for one or more of you to watch the zombie movie Otto; Or What’s Up With Dead People and give a special review episode of it. Josh will probably issue great warnings against watching things I try to make people watch, but he is a giant pussy so don’t believe him. Just think about how it will be good internet radio; your fan(s?) will love it.
    If you do believe him and wuss out I will accept Canabalt.

    If Squirrel Girl shows up in Marvel vs Capcom 3 I’ll buy the shit out f that game. I’ll buy three and use two of them as coasters as I play the third. I have fears for how DLC heavy the game will be.
    And you obviously missed a recent mash up fan service game: Cross Edge. Apparently 5 publishers came together for that steaming load.

    Stacking and exploding barrels in Crisys is fun, but check out this:
    That is the greatest thing to come out of that game.

    The new iPhone looks great. Since I’ll be looking for a new phone this year it is one I’ll be looking at, and is a strong contender for my purchase. I don’t see the form of this changing. Too much time and effort was put into fitting everything into that phone for them to throw it by the wayside to bring back the shitty bevel.

    Josh, you just stole a bit of my childhood; I had both that lame ass Spider-Man toy and that comic book. I demand remuneration.

    There are 3d printers, for a price you can download real shit. A ridiculously retarded high price. And you’d need to be fine with the stuff being made from plastic or cells.

    Actually Kick-Ass won the weekend by $200,000. Still a massive disappointment, but a 1st place winning disappointment.


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