While Tom spends his night preparing for his trip to PAX East, Brandon, Josh, and Zack spend their night talking into microphones about old Star Wars games, Marvel’s latest Hulk shenanigans, and the announcement of Nintendo’s new handheld. Also: why cats are pretty much dicks.

Show highlights:

0:01:35 – Just Cause 2 just came out, and Josh can’t play it.

0:02:30 – Josh CAN play the final results of the Knights of the Old Republic 2 Restoration Project, though. (Don’t worry, he explains.)

0:18:43 – All this KOTOR2 talk remind Brandon why he didn’t finish KOTOR 1. Hey, let’s talk about that.

0:24:00 – Facepalming over the announcement of Lucas’ plans for a baby-friendly Star Wars animated series somehow leads us to remember as much as we can about why G.I. Joe used to be cool.

0:30:32 – He-Man used to be kind of cool, too, but only for Zack… he reminds us why. (We all love Skeletor, though.)

0:42:30 – Zack’s cat story is amazing.

0:53:40 – Intermission!

0:54:10 – Chris Evans is Cap’m ‘Merica, finally, which is mildly pleasant news.

0:59:15 – Fall of the Hulks is Marvel’s latest whatever-the-hell, which we joke about for a full half hour.

1:30:15 – The Nintendo 3DS had better be friggin’ amazing, what with its lofty promise of some kind of holograms or whatever.

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2 comments on “JKP! Ep.12: Nooo, Kitty

  1. You said you hadn’t received any e-mails yet on the podcast email but I sent one to podcast@jumpkickpunch.com last week…


    • jumpkickpunch Apr 1, 2010

      …and we reply in the latest episode, which should go live within the next hour! Thanks for writing in, seriously. Official first email.


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