This week, the podcast has a spectacular failure in which our equipment destroys an entire half hour’s worth of conversation. To counteract our greatest technical complication thus far, we compliment our series of complaints about comics and video games with some of the most celebrated masterpieces in classical music… except for the intermission. That’s all cloggin’, baby.

Show highlights:

0:02:20  –  We bid an indifferent farewell to NBC’s Heroes, talk about Mac’s role on LOST, and agree that Smallville is terrible

0:08:30  –  Zack has finally read the first issue of Ultimate X and confirms that it is pretty dumb

0:25:38  –  Abrupt Intermission!

0:26:06  –  Our heroes press on despite having lost the previous half hour of conversation

0:28:42  –  Brandon is straight-up agitated by the fan community’s lunatic reaction to three seconds of Sonic 4

0:41:40  –  Josh has a lofty mission that combines science with Sonic fans

0:52:40  –  Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing fails to enthuse all but one of our podcasters (take a wild guess)

1:09:18  –  Tom is still excited for X10!

1:13:04  –  Heavy Rain fails to enthuse all but one of our podcasters (take another wild guess)

1:22:05  –  Somehow, Josh promises Tom he will not talk about Mass Effect 2, then we all talk about Mass Effect 2

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