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JKP! Ep.4: Sissy Cats & Gutter Trash – Jump Kick Punch!

A surprise, silent guest joins the party as Brandon hearts Weird Al, Tom shares the details of the iPad’s lackluster stillbirth, Zack brings another bizarre Japan creation to the table, and Josh blows his Mass Effect 2 wad all over everybody… Yeah. It’s that kind of show.

Show hightlights:

0:01:45  –  Tom shares what he learned today about the iPad

0:13:22  –  Tom’s very excited about some future 360 games, Brandon’s very not

0:28:50  –  We find out who still cares about Final Fantasy

0:37:12  –  Zack tries very hard to convince us that Cat Paradise is real

0:48:00  –  Weird Al might, MIGHT just save Cartoon Network

0:53:05  –  Intermission!

0:54:13  –  The potential for more “vs. Capcom” games leads to a 3D/Sprites debate

1:02:50  –  Gears of War? In MY Lost Planet 2? It’s more likely than you’d think.

1:14:05  –  Mass Effect 2. A lot of Mass Effect 2.

1:37:03  –  Zack sucker punches us with a Bioshock 2 segue

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3 comments on “JKP! Ep.4: Sissy Cats & Gutter Trash

  1. ERock Jan 29, 2010

    You guys do realize that Amano’s concept sketches for every FF has ALWAYS been insanely effeminate, right? even Cecil?





    Aka, no, not every FF protagonist is burly. He’s what the Japanese culture wants. Girly dudes.


  2. Eric, it’s okay.

    It’s okay if you like looking at dudes with perfect-girl-hair, shiny chests, and lady faces.


    We accept you.


  3. The more frustrated I get, the higher my voice’s pitch becomes. The more you know…


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