After conquering our pesky technical issues to finally bring you a much clearer, cleaner, and louder listening experience, we immediate waste that newfound clarity on video game conversations. Also comics, with a dash of movies.

Show highlights:

00:04:20  –  Tom sparks a discussion on indie games

00:13:40  –  Josh details the genius of “Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden”

00:19:00  –  We force Zack to tell us what the hell’s up with Marvel

00:27:00  –  Batman, the Watchmen movie, and more Batman

00:39:50  –  We somehow get back to talking about Marvel, FULL CIRCLE!

00:44:30  –  Finally, some of us have played Bayonetta

00:57:20  –  Josh “brushes up” on his favorite sketch comedy groups

01:03:15  –  We kick off the news section in the worst way possible

01:05:56  –  An awkward segue later, new Zelda Wii rumors abound

01:18:18  –  We make obvious jokes about Marc Webb directing Spider-Man 4

01:24:05  –  Four grown men sigh at Marvel’s legitimate, impending title, “Her-Oes”

01:37:10  –  More Mass Effect after the trilogy? The heck you say.

01:41:55  –  Brandon wants to talk about last week’s Project Needlemouse “news”

01:57:34  –  Brandon fumbles a segue just as hard as he can

01:58:16  –  We debate Sony and Microsoft’s plans for “Motion Controllers”

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2 comments on “JKP! Ep.3: You & No Other Woman

  1. I’d be happy to debate the use of the word “genius” in the description of Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden…


  2. Sarah Jan 28, 2010

    listening to your podcast at work, its like yall are here in my office having a geek party. A considerable improvement over just regular being in the office!


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