“How’s the health coverage at this job? Because I have to lick the pirate.”

It’s that time of year, children… Z-Day has arrived and Zack has taken the reins once again! This year, Charleston (formerly Tom), Chunnywig (formerly Sarah) and Stegonnersaurus (formerly Brandon) kneel before their immortal host, ZeeeEEEHHHH, as he leads them on a whimsical and emotionally scarring journey through the valley of listener emails. Such wonders await your unsuspecting ears! Budget superpowers! Mulch and bugs! Baby spider sneezes! A BUNCH of comic books! Narcos? D E A D P O O L ! (Beware very minor spoilers!!) Come, celebrate Z-Day with us, your new family, and be ready to learn.

If this is your first episode of JKP!, then… well, I guess I am very sorry and goodbye.

Relax your body. Open your mind. Release the hostages. It’s Z-Time. And the love doctor is in.

As promised, Zack takes the helm this week– in his best wig and false glasses, to boot– and guides us through two and a half hours of Valentine’s Day-themed listener emails. Listen in as he shoves Brandon, Harrison, Josh and Tom through a carnival ride of painful memories, embarrassing confessions, sandwich preferences, and very definitely too many World War II jokes.

Hit the jump for this week’s lovey-dovey videos and some incredible photos of Love Doctor Zack!

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