“Pepperidge Farm remembers.”

Brandon, Harrison, Josh and Eric reevaluate the hearts and souls of the Game Grumps, share the reality behind the now-infamous Volpin Props Marriott carpet cosplay cease-and-desist, and further explore the world of Final Fantasy XIV. Then, after the break, the gang inexplicably talks about work for 20 minutes before diving into Grand Theft Auto V and last week’s big reveals for Valve’s SteamOS, Steam Machines, and Steam Controller. Finally, a great big pile of listener emails about cars, bronies, comics, time travel assassinations, Sonic, Diablo, NFC figures, snakes and more bring the show home.

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Human sweat burritos, marshmallow buttholes and plenty of bung for everyone!

It’s a special post-con episode this week as our regular roster and a lineup of special guests join the show for a long weekend of friends, family, costumes, cosplay, sad boobs, glad boobs, coin-repelling butts, propmaking, drink-taking, Adam Savage, chipmunk heaven, and convention-themed trivia.

Hit the jump for a modest gallery of costumes and antics!

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“Paul Blart Mall Cop Plall Blarp Maoglop Parblarmakap!”

It’s all hands on deck this week (for a solid half hour or so, anyway) as Brandon, Harrison, Josh, Eric, Zack and Tom discuss the oddball allure of SaltyBet, the gameplay of Dragons Crown, the impending launch of the long-awaited reboot for Final Fantasy XIV, and the surprisingly engaging story of the MMO-themed anime Sword Art Online. Plus, listener emails!

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“That is not an actual argument.”

This week finds Brandon, Harrison, Tom, Eric and Josh rallying around the mics for a heated exchange over Microsoft’s sudden and unexpected reversal on all of the Xbox One’s DRM policies, an NDA-friendly glance at the reboot of Final Fantasy XIV, a spoiler-heavy Man of Steel review, and spoiler-free examinations of the dark and gritty worlds of The Last of Us and Attack on Titan. Plus, listener emails!

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It’s E3 2013, which means it’s time for Brandon, Harrison, Josh, Eric and Tom to roll up their sleeves and settle in for a three-hour discussion of every bullet point from the major press conferences in exhaustive detail! From Nintendo’s Direct to Microsoft’s Hail Mary to Sony’s Touchdown Dance (plus EA, Ubisoft, and a bunch more nonsense for good measure), no electronic entertainment stone is left unturned.

Hit the jump for full video embeds of the conferences themselves, as well as a few extra show floor moments and some utter nonsense.

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“I’m Ken Levine and I don’t feel good about this.”

This week finds Brandon, Harrison, Tom, Eric and (eventually) Zack gathered ’round the condenser mics to react and respond to Microsoft’s lackluster unveiling of the Xbox One. Then, in the second segment, the crew finally, finally discusses the ins, outs, ups, downs and parallels of Ken Levine’s Bioshock Infinite (massive, tremendous spoilers within!). Last, but certainly not least: some listener emails about magical girls, doppelgangers and advice for recent art school graduates.

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“My ass hurts, but I win!”

One hundred and fifty big ones! In this week’s extra-special episode, Josh assumes control for a series of one-on-one interviews with Eric, Harrison, Tom and Brandon to finally, properly peel back some deeper layers behind the voices you’ve been listening to for over 348 hours’ worth of podcasts. Childhoods! Families! Influences and embarrassments! Then, after the break, the gang returns to normal for a final hour of discussion about the current state of podcasts, web shows, and fan-driven online endeavors. Then, to close out the show, Brandon makes an important announcement about the future of JKP.

Please enjoy, and thanks for listening!

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“If I can get to them? Peanut. If not, plain.”

This week finds Brandon, Harrison, Eric and Josh dishing on the latest, greatest spoilers from Game of Thrones and the viability of combating piracy through quality. Then, after a quick break, the gang dives into another round of Pre-E3 headlines that include Microsoft’s long-awaited next-gen console announcement-announcement and Nintendo’s official withdrawal from the annual press conference parade. Last but not least, Josh finally (and legally) discusses the nitty-gritty details of the Marvel Heroes beta and we answer some listener emails– including a JKP! video game pitch, some “Would You Rather’s” and another noir-themed JKP! fanfic.

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“I may not be comfortable, but at least I’m not shitting my pants.”

Join Brandon and Tom as they welcome Harrison back from the Convention circuit, then quickly dive into a second, more established analysis of Penny Arcade’s Strip Search, respond to Aaron Diaz’s conceptual twist on Legend of Zelda, and address some specific topics requested by JKP Facebook followers. Then, after the break, the trio answers a few listener emails, including some Summer movie hype, Nintendo’s “next-gen” prospects, and a very, very, very special unveiling of a belated April Fool’s Day gift for Harrison!

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“I guess Darkwing Duck is to Batman as Howard the Duck is to Rorschach.”

On this week’s episode, three grown men who are bad at math gather ’round the mics for quality game talk: Brandon is pleasantly surprised by the announcement of DuckTales Remastered, Harrison finally discovers the endgame of Persona 4 Golden, and Josh pulls back the curtain on a huge PR disaster for Marvel Heroes. Then, after the intermission, Harrison discusses his progress through Tomb Raider, Brandon talks about the official cast of Michael Bay’s Ninja Turtles, and Josh revels in a now-infamous Brony-related news story. All this PLUS listener emails and more!

This week’s intermission is “A Fighter Mk II” by Crybringer! Grab it for yourself here!

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