The long-awaited follow-up to last year’s gender politics discussion finally arrives!

Join Brandon, Emily, Harrison, Heidi, Jenny, Josh, Naty, Sarah, Shadra and Tom as they join forces for an extra-large, extra-long forum on sexism, feminism, and the current state of women in geekdom. Gear up for almost four solid hours of back-and-forth about misogyny at the Academy Awards, female creators in male-dominated industries, heroines in peril, preposterous erections, revealing costumes, convention horror stories and much, much, much more.

Make sure to hit the jump to join the conversation and catch up on all of the relevant videos and references!

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“It’s… exactly fun!”  – Thomas W.,

Hands-on adventures abound this week as Brandon, Tom, Sarah, Josh, and Harrison share their thoughts with Zack regarding Atlanta’s recent Nintendo-sanctioned Wii U event, including some first-hand accounts of Nintendo Land, Rayman Legends, Just Dance and more! Then, in an incredibly special second half, Zack and Josh square off as M.O.D.O.K. and his mismatched henchmen vs. the Avengers in a LIVE round of Marvel-based Heroclix. (Did I mention his henchmen are named Harrison, Tom and Brandon?)

Hit the jump for this week’s related videos and, more importantly, some visual aids for the intense clicking action of the second half!

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This episode is the special-est, you guys.

In this super adult-sized four-hour episode, JKP tackles the latest scandals, controversies and general uproar regarding sexism and feminism within the realms of video games, comics and more.

Brandon, Tom, Josh and Harrison kick off the first half, giving their thoughts and opinions on everything from abusive game trailers to feminist kickstarters to overtly sexual comic characters. Then, in the second half, Brandon sticks around as moderator for perspectives on those same topics from Heidi, Sarah, Emily, Naty and JKP newcomer Jen. Ire is rised! Eyes are rolled! It’s one of our most concentrated episodes yet, and most certainly the longest. Put on those sincerity hats and (hopefully) enjoy!

Timecodes for the impatient (and who can blame them) are as follows:

The Boy Half: 0:03:10  —  The Girl Half: 2:11:30

Lastly, don’t forget to hit the jump for a comprehensive list of all the relevant topics, articles, trailers and videos that pop up during the discussions!

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Forget video games and comics; we’re redefining art by putting tires on goats.

Brandon, Josh, Zack, and special guests Sarah and Heidi put on their scarves and turtlenecks to delve into the wide world of art as they examine a trippy Jim Henson treasure in the recently published A Tale of Sand graphic novel, then swiftly return to form with a discussion about Zack’s latest comic shop discoveries and the new video release of Justice League: Doom. Then, after intermission, get ready for an onslaught of regular listener Ben’s proposed rival battles in the return of a long overdue segment, VERSUS!

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What happens when both Josh and Tom can’t make it to the podcast? EVERYONE ELSE IN THE UNIVERSE steps in to pick up the slack! Join Brandon, Zack, returning guests Heidi and Harrison, and first-time JKP’ers Emily, Ryan, Sara (no H), Sarah (definitely H), Naty, Dana, and Shadra as they discuss post-TGS developments and, more importantly, gather ’round the laptop to share some of their personal best convention stories in a very, very, very special podcast that took roughly eight thousand years to edit for levels. Weeee’re a rowdy bunch.

…Pictures and show highlights after the jump!

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