“Moist. Because of Star Wars.”

Join Brandon, Heidi, Harrison, Josh, Tom and Liz as they discuss every agonizing detail of Star Wars: The Force Awakens! Learn why it doesn’t matter if Rey is a Mary Sue! Guess Snoke’s actual height! Discover why Phasma’s armor is really, really stupid! All of these things and more of this exact sort of things await in one of our longest, most focused discussions yet. Plus– a special holiday treat for the gang and a few Decem-boo themed listener emails.



“NO! I won’t EAT IT unless it looks like STAR WARS!”

Happy Holidays, JKPeers! Deck the halls with Brandon, Josh, Harrison and Zack for one last Force Awakens discussion before the movie actually comes out and ruins everything forever. Maybe. Probably not. Who knows? Then, after the break, the discussion moves on to Nintendo patent speculation, our most embarrassing college stories, Fallout 4 experiences, and the highlights of this year’s Game Awards and PlayStation Experience. Plus– one or two (or three?) listener emails!

IMG_1244 IMG_1245

“It’s like fanfiction.net, except none of them f-ck.”

Brandon, Josh and Tom are here to waste even more precious podcast minutes talking about Star Wars, chime in on the surprising return of Mystery Science Theater 3000, and discover a certain someone’s latest webcomic favorite, Unsounded. Then, DURING the break (!!!), we share some details about JKP’s first-ever T-SHIRT SALE, courtesy of Happy Capybara and fellow JKPeer Dave! Then, AFTER the break (…), we talk about Marvel’s latest Netflix series, Jessica Jones (spoiler-free!), get all giddy about that awesome Captain America: Civil War trailer, and mull over Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur.


“Don’t put that in your mouth, moron.”

Welcome to November! Join Brandon, Liz, Tom, Josh and Zack as they record a happy little podcast about celebrity Halloween freak shows, the zeitgeist surrounding Twitch’s Bob Ross marathon, and falling down the stairs of Canadian politics. Then, after the break, the group discusses bizarre manga titles only Zack has heard of, dissects a certain British baking show, and tackles a giant pile of listener emails that cover everything from maid cats to hot dog/sandwich debates.


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“Hope y’liked it, Carl!”

It’s Halloween, sort of! It’s the Back to the Future future! It’s both of those things and more in our newest episode as Brandon, Josh, Tom and Jenny discuss Crimson Peak, Pan, Valve’s VR tech, Marvel’s slew of rebooted #1’s (highlighting a rather stellar debut for Doctor Strange), and the latest and greatest Star Wars stuff– minus a certain new trailer that went up shortly after this episode wrapped. Also: a couple of listener emails!





Doctor Strange (2015-) 001-000

“What, did you fuck up slightly?”

Welcome to the Dogcast! This week’s show finds Brandon, Tom, Josh, Harrison, Eric and special guest Marina discussing some fresh-eyed impressions of Fire Emblem: Awakening, a disappointing review of Dragon Age: Inquisition’s “Trespasser” DLC, the delightful surprises of Undertale and the edutainment factor of The Martian. They also tackle a big ol’ bundle of listener emails… wherein you might discover things that make you go “m.

Intermission and outro music c/o Ben Briggs’ Twitch Jams, available here.




“Seriously, spiral-cut honey glazed? Best.”

Welcome to another crowded podcast episode on this, the ONLY website on the Internet!

Brandon, Liz, Tom, Josh, Zack and Harrison have survived another annual Summer convention gauntlet and are super ready to waste their lives watching TV instead, starting with The Muppets, Moonbeam City, Rick and Morty and Star Wars: Rebels. Then, after the break, we discuss Konami’s all-but-confirmed departure from the video game industry, Metal Gear Solid V and Super Mario Maker. Plus: some rather important listener emails. (No, for real this time.)


“Jump Kick Punch: What else are you gonna do?”

It’s our second LIVE Dragon*Con panel! Professional thing-makers Harrison Krix (of Volpin Props) and Bill Doran (of Punished Props) join Brandon, Eric, Josh and Tom for a public discussion about propmaking, entrepreneurship, trust issues and becoming absolute best friends with your personal heroes. Then, after the panel, join an after party at Eric’s house as some friends both old and new sum up this year’s convention highlights.

This episode’s feature image was taken by Wendy Perkinson. Intermission/outro music provided by Ben Briggs, who is the best, at twitchjams.com.


“Everyone ‘dood it’ to everyone.”

If you’ve been waiting patiently for another Brandon/Josh episode… this is your week, fella. You made it.

As Dragon*Con looms ever-closer and the curse of August claims JKPeers left and right, this week’s show finds Brandon, Josh and a bag of Jolly Ranchers left to deliver on the promise of quality banter. Join them for a couple hours as they chat about the recent firing of Nintendo localizer Chris Pranger, sing the praises (and spoil a fair amount) of Steven Universe, and spend a short while dishing on Disney’s recently-revealed plans for their Star Wars park expansions.


“This is how this episode’s gonna go, by the way.”

Join Brandon, Josh and Eric as they take some time out of their Monday evening to eulogize the newest Fantastic Four reboot, dish on Microsoft’s Gamescom showing and wax philosophic on the future of VR– Time magazine covers be damned! PLUS: there’s a special chat with Zack, a contest winner is announced, a new contest is introduced and listener emails are read aloud!