“No, it was just louder.”

In this episode we talk about Stan Lee, Detective Pikachu, Pokemon, Final Fantasy XIV, Fan Fest 2018, Great British Bake Off, and THAT…is what we talk about in this episode. No questions, please. No questions.

Welcome to the Blade/Magic Mike watch-along podcast. This week, Brandon, Liz, Kyle and Josh talk DELTARUNE, The Mummy Demastered, cat shows, essential massages, and a whole lot more. Probably. I mean, odds are good. Only one way to find out, I guess! OH RIGHT and we do some listener emails! Those are great. You’re great. Great job.









THIS WEEK, it’s a whole mess of indie games, from Return of the Obra Dinn to The Messenger to Wandersong and beyond. Plus: Japan, Mandy, and a bunch of listener emails! ALRIGHT! ALRIGHT? ALRIGHT!


Spider-Man! Mega Man! JoJo Men! Franz Liszt, man! We have a TON of stuff going on in this episode, and you have two ears and a heart. Get in here, you rascal. (Also, Brandon is wrong about the email situation. We’ll pick ’em back up next week.)

DAVE IS HERE! My gosh! It’s really very special. Y’know who else is here? Brandon! And Liz! And Tom! And Kyle! And Josh! And they talk about a whole MESS of stuff, including Captain Marvel, Iron Fist, the Sad Horse Show, Nirvana the Band the Show, Space Jam 2, and more! AND MORE! Can you BELIEVE IT??


LATEST EPISODE OF JKP, SOUND OFF: Brandon! Liz! Tom! Kyle! Josh! Spider-Man! Great Britain! Noel Fielding! The 1970’s! Sparks! Donut County! Crazy Rich Asians! Listener emails! MORE! MORE!!

It’s about what you’d expect.

“Get well soon, buddy.”

Brandon, Liz, Josh, and Cody have begun the countdown to the final episode, and they’re STARTING with listener emails! Right up front! How about that! Then, after the break, they cover the disappointment of Disenchantment, the redemption of No Man’s Sky, the horrible reality of “always listening” advertising, and young girls gleefully playing with unicorn poop.

Yeah. You heard me.


This week: Brandon, Tom, Kyle and Josh are here to discuss Nathan Fillion-starring Uncharted fan film, the passing of comics legend Steve Ditko, Octopath Traveller, the upcoming She-Ra reboot, selling strangers on My Hero Academia, the recent termination of two ArenaNet writers, and the overwhelming, inescapable matter of online (and offline) toxicity.

“I take it as slow as possible.”

Wow, JKPeers. Hope you’re settled in and ready for VIDEO GAMES, because Brandon, Liz, Kyle, Josh, Tom and Jenny are here to run through the highs, lows, and confusing mids of E3 2018. Surprise encounters! Breathtaking musical performances! Celebrity oopsie-doodles! This year had it all, and we ain’t just whistlin’ Dixie. We jaw on for three hours and then some, but hey… that’s why you’re here, right? I mean, surely. Either way: enjoy!

“Hey. C’mon.”

They’re no Canadian Walmart, but Brandon, Liz, Kyle, Josh, and Tom are still doing their best this week to discuss the major leaks of E3 2018 and fit in some last-minute, hot-hot-HOT prE3dictions before the big ol’ mess officially kicks off. Then, after the break, we tackle Lupin, Shantae, and a whooooole bunch of Solo.

(Special thanks to Liz for editing this week’s episode!)