JKP! is going 3 for E3! Three companies, three conferences, three hour-and-a-half episodes for your listening pleasure.

Brandon, Josh, Jenny and returning special guest Tyler kick things off with Nintendo, dissecting their scattershot showing this year that included both a World Championship and a Digital Event. New Starfox! Baffling spin-offs! An official Miyamoto Muppet! All this and more as we engage in a heated discussion (for the 80th time) over whether or not anyone should care about Nintendo.

Tomorrow: our “3 for E3” triple-play continues with Microsoft!

“You did this to yourself.”

Episode Double Hundred! We made it! We came limping and screaming over the finish line, but we made it! Get ready for a lengthy intro and plenty of apologizing before “enjoying” a mostly-salvaged audio archive of Brandon, Eric, Harrison, Zack, Josh, Jen and Tom’s big 200th episode livestream celebration.

Special thanks to: Marina, Ian, Heidi and Noelle for their technical, physical and emotional support.

Extra-special thanks you: listeners like you. Awwwww.

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“Love it to the limit… and then love it again.”

It’s that time again– and this year is bigger and better than ever! Witness the birth of America’s new favorite holiday as Zandon, Zeric, Zosh, Zenny, Zeidi and Z-Dubs are tortured delighted by their master of ceremonies, Zack, and his elaborate/mandatory traditions. Learn: about the great and bountiful loins of Zarabekshi! Learn: the best ways to confess your nerdly zins! Learn: how NOT to make a brownie! And more!

Hit the jump for a visual record of this episode’s zelebration.

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“Stare deep into the taint of Bendis!”

Surprise, JKPeers– Zack is here, and he’s banished any and all Korra discussions for another two weeks! Brace yourself as he swoops in to tell Brandon, Eric, Tom, Jen and Josh about the highlights of Spider-verse, recall a recent celebrity encounter and recommend a few good comic books. Then, after the break, Brandon tries to talk about Nintendo before abandoning hope and opening the floor to some listener emails.

Hit the jump for this week’s comic covers, pages, videos and more!

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“That was a very diplomatic way of calling them idiots.”

Join Brandon, Eric, Josh, Tom, special guest Jenny and a sudden/unexpected Harrison for this week’s very informative podcast. Learn about kudzu! Learn about Blizzard’s new IP, Overwatch! Learn about Rooster Teeth gettin’ bought! Learn about the new writer for Mass Effect! Learn how no one is excited for more AssCreed! Learn about how busted Sonic Boom might be! Learn about communing with the ancient ones through the medium of board games! Learn about the gang’s must-see movies! AND MORE!

Hit the jump for this week’s trailers and videos.

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“I would accept unsolicited pictures of biscuits.”

It’s that time again, to put it mildly, as JKP hosts its third gender politics roundtable. Join Brandon, Heidi, Liz, Jenny, Allison, Sarah, Naty and Josh for a lengthy discussion that covers nude celebrities, invasion of privacy, ass-first superheroes, the horrifying shitshow that is “GamerGate” and much, much more.

Hit the jump for a comprehensive list of articles and videos!

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“That’s why you never get my Master Blaster reference!”

This week: Brandon, Eric, Tom and Josh are joined by Jen and Liz for a post-Comic-Con roundtable that covers Batman v. Superman, Wonder Woman’s new suit, Marvel-published Star Wars comics, Godzilla 2 and much more. Then, after the break, get ready to suspend disbelief as hard as you can while the gang spoils the bejeezus out of Lucy, Snowpiercer and everyone’s new favorite, Guardians of the Galaxy. Plus: listener emails!

Hit the jump for this week’s images, trailers and nonsense!

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“If you wanna make checkers you can make checkers because you’re a fucking maniac.”

E3 2014 is here! The big press conferences came and went, and now it falls to Brandon, Eric, Josh, Tom, Jen and rather-special-guest Tyler (yes, that Tyler) to dissect, digest and re-deliver. From highlights to hiccups, from trailers to teases, no stone is left unturned and no reveal goes unmentioned! Settle in for a nice, long episode, folks. And hey– Happy E3!

Go on, hit the jump for full conference embeds of the big three!

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“So according to this, everybody’s gonna NOT choose accordion legs! This is not a difficult choice!”

The Backward Compatibles are here! Jenny and Allison join the roundtable alongside Brandon, Tom, Harrison and Eric this week for a lively back-and-forth about all manner of topics, including: DoubleFine’s backer-released Broken Age, a return to some popular Kickstarter games, the exciting new Steam Machines and 3D Printers to come out of CES, Nintendo’s fiscal nosedive, the success of Awesome Games Done Quick 2014, gender-biased Adventure Time Happy Meal toys, and the surprising appeal of Frozen. Come, join us, and let’s all fall in love with 1993 Elijah Wood… together.

Hit the jump for this week’s related videos, trailers, and assorted nonsense!

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“Fuckin’, whatever, Hank. Get in the car.”

Join Brandon, Eric, Tom, and returning guest Jenny (of Backward Compatibles) for two solid hours of San Diego Comic-Con recap, from the latest comic and movie news to video game demos, with some cosplay encounters and hedgehog-themed, sweat-flavored martinis thrown in for good measure. Then, to round out the show, we tackle a small assortment of listener emails.

Hit the jump for alllllll of this week’s many SDCC-related videos and images! (And don’t forget to leave a comment with your suggestion for Eric’s fursona! He’ll love it.)

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