“This is how this episode’s gonna go, by the way.”

Join Brandon, Josh and Eric as they take some time out of their Monday evening to eulogize the newest Fantastic Four reboot, dish on Microsoft’s Gamescom showing and wax philosophic on the future of VR– Time magazine covers be damned! PLUS: there’s a special chat with Zack, a contest winner is announced, a new contest is introduced and listener emails are read aloud!




“Put this marketing in your mouth… and chew on it.”

July is almost over and the table’s lookin’ mighty empty, so Brandon, Tom and Eric are kickin’ back and letting the conversation hang out as they discuss the last two weeks of games and movies. Who’s watching this year’s Summer Games Done Quick? How great was Paul Rudd in Ant-Man? (Spoilers ahoy!) What in the hell does Keiji Inafune think he’s doing with his second Kickstarter for “Red Ash”? Why is everyone so out-of-their-minds upset over Pixels? Plus, as always– some listener emails!


“…and that’s exactly when the Adderall wore off.”

Shake off those post-E3 blues with Brandon, Eric, Josh, Liz and Harrison as they get some eyewitness accounts of the show floor, make some live preparations for San Diego Comic-Con, and share a survival guide for conventions in general. (Which prescription medication will help you land that perfect celebrity encounter? Have a pen and paper ready.) Then, after the break, Emily joins in as we celebrate Jurassic World’s record-breaking box office numbers by ripping it to shreds… and answer a few listener emails.

“I’m sorry, I had Taco Bell. It makes me mean.”

Pull up a chair and join an already crowded table with Brandon, Eric, Tom, Josh, Zack and special guests Liz and Dan for an episode that features improvisational doorknob repair, pancake content verification and the persistent hum of air conditioning. You’ll also enjoy some quick thoughts on Game of Thrones newest season, reactions to DC’s “Convergence” event and big time spoilers for Tomorrowland and Mad Max: Fury Road. (And yes– a few listener emails.)


“What about compared this and does it including last year, as well?”

Why is this week’s episode almost four grueling hours in length? What a good question! Prepare for no reasonable answer as Brandon, Josh, Tom and Eric waste 235 of your precious minutes by writing the Hamburglar movie, getting hyped for Star Wars in Disney Infinity 3.0 and running through the latest news from Konami and Kickstarter. Then, after a quick break for precious air conditioning, dive into a spoiler-heavy review of Avengers: Age of Ultron and enjoy a few listener emails!


“I’m gonna punch you so hard that I get fired from Top Gear.”

So begins the slow, sad march to 300. Join Brandon, Harrison, the Wu-Tom Clan and Eric this week as they try to figure out what’s goin’ on between Konami and Kojima, skim the highlights of the Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae demo, wax philosophic on Nintendo’s mobile plan and Zelda delay, get super marketing-hyped for Halo 5, compare The Crew against Driveclub and respond to a gaggle of listener emails!

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“You did this to yourself.”

Episode Double Hundred! We made it! We came limping and screaming over the finish line, but we made it! Get ready for a lengthy intro and plenty of apologizing before “enjoying” a mostly-salvaged audio archive of Brandon, Eric, Harrison, Zack, Josh, Jen and Tom’s big 200th episode livestream celebration.

Special thanks to: Marina, Ian, Heidi and Noelle for their technical, physical and emotional support.

Extra-special thanks you: listeners like you. Awwwww.

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“Let me crush you with my knowledge penis!”

This week: Josh hits the ground running with a precious half hour window to harp on The Order: 1886 and the current state of AAA video games. Then, after the break, Brandon Eric and Harrison are left to discuss The Crew, Persona 5, Grim Fandango Remastered and the legacy of Leonard Nimoy. Oh– and some VR nonsense, too. And listener emails. All that stuff. You know the drill.

Hit the jump for this week’s videos, trailers and more!

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“Love it to the limit… and then love it again.”

It’s that time again– and this year is bigger and better than ever! Witness the birth of America’s new favorite holiday as Zandon, Zeric, Zosh, Zenny, Zeidi and Z-Dubs are tortured delighted by their master of ceremonies, Zack, and his elaborate/mandatory traditions. Learn: about the great and bountiful loins of Zarabekshi! Learn: the best ways to confess your nerdly zins! Learn: how NOT to make a brownie! And more!

Hit the jump for a visual record of this episode’s zelebration.

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“Stare deep into the taint of Bendis!”

Surprise, JKPeers– Zack is here, and he’s banished any and all Korra discussions for another two weeks! Brace yourself as he swoops in to tell Brandon, Eric, Tom, Jen and Josh about the highlights of Spider-verse, recall a recent celebrity encounter and recommend a few good comic books. Then, after the break, Brandon tries to talk about Nintendo before abandoning hope and opening the floor to some listener emails.

Hit the jump for this week’s comic covers, pages, videos and more!

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