“I would accept unsolicited pictures of biscuits.”

It’s that time again, to put it mildly, as JKP hosts its third gender politics roundtable. Join Brandon, Heidi, Liz, Jenny, Allison, Sarah, Naty and Josh for a lengthy discussion that covers nude celebrities, invasion of privacy, ass-first superheroes, the horrifying shitshow that is “GamerGate” and much, much more.

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“So according to this, everybody’s gonna NOT choose accordion legs! This is not a difficult choice!”

The Backward Compatibles are here! Jenny and Allison join the roundtable alongside Brandon, Tom, Harrison and Eric this week for a lively back-and-forth about all manner of topics, including: DoubleFine’s backer-released Broken Age, a return to some popular Kickstarter games, the exciting new Steam Machines and 3D Printers to come out of CES, Nintendo’s fiscal nosedive, the success of Awesome Games Done Quick 2014, gender-biased Adventure Time Happy Meal toys, and the surprising appeal of Frozen. Come, join us, and let’s all fall in love with 1993 Elijah Wood… together.

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