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A brief set-up: I recently cleared out my Grandmother’s house and discovered this Donkey Kong Country children’s novel she bought for me back in 1996. I brought it back with me as a novelty, and one ride home from work turned into me quoting certain portions aloud.

After last week’s recording errors I needed to test the settings and get things back to normal. I still feel bad that we left our loyal listeners high and dry, so: here’s a dramatic, theatric reading of Donkey Kong Country, masterfully adapted by Michael Teitelbaum, chapters 1 and 2. If you guys dig this, who knows– maybe we’ll focus on doing more audio nonsense that isn’t strictly the podcast.

Please enjoy.

1291573998507Sorry, folks.

An inexplicably altered setting on the equipment completely destroyed last night’s recording. The audio is so blown out that you can barely even hear what’s being said. This issue is fixed for next week, but that leaves this week’s show high and dry.

We’ll attempt to make up for this failure in next week’s recording by presenting not one, not two, but three fully dramatized JKP fan fics that have been submitted by listeners. (Yes, Andrew, this includes you.)

And, as a compensatory offering to salvage your late Tuesday evening, hit the jump for a collection of videos that are, if not JKP-approved, at least and quite certainly Brandon approved.

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JKP-OSTs-2012We’ve got a special treat for you, JKPeers!

As you’re probably aware by now, one of our show’s more celebrated (and/or contentious) features is the use of thematically-appropriate background music during conversations. We get a lot of questions for sources and requests for track listings on a per-episode basis, so– as a show of thanks to you, our regular listeners, readers and commenters– I figured the best way to wrap up 2012 was by compiling and sharing some of JKP’s “greatest hits” of both background and intermission music.

Hit the jump for the download links (and an obligational animated .GIF dance party)!

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The lights are up, the cookies are everywhere, and the wine is flowing liberally. Cue the sentimentality.

If you’re a regular listener, thanks for tuning in and following along each week. It’s a genuine pleasure to know that we’re entertaining you during daily commutes, providing background chatter for your games, helping you make it through a never-ending workday, and any/every other use you might find for our nonsense. Thanks for sticking around, and have a Happy Merry!

Hit the jump for more festive yuletide whatever, in both .jpg and animated .gif form!

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Due to scheduling complications, our recording date for this particular week has shifted away from Monday night.

As such: the new episode for this week will be uploaded on Wednesday evening. That’s one day later than usual, for those keeping track.

The bad news is, this leaves your Tuesday night hollow and unfulfilled. The good news is, now you stateside listeners will have the perfect background noise for your festive Thanksgiving dinner this Thursday!

We apologize for the late heads-up on this one. We’ll do our best to make sure the extra day’s wait is worth it. See you guys on Wednesday!


It’s your old pal Ricky and I’m biggity biggity back ya’ll!

I wanted to upload my NY Comic-Con Day 2 stuff sooner, but we’ve sorta been diverting our attention towards the “inclimate weather” here on the upper east coast. But you didn’t come here for that stuff did you? Noooo…you want to see stuff involving video games, comics, toys and hot nerds  in sweet costumes right? Well hit the jump and HOLLA AT YER BOI! I mean…if you want to…

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Hey there, Trick or Treaters. Got a special Halloween treat for ya’.

On the evening of October 30, 1938, a twenty-something Orson Welles and his troupe, the Mercury Theatre on the Air, put on a radio adaptation of a literary classic that managed to fool a nation-wide audience into thinking that an honest-to-god alien invasion was occurring in upstate New York. People unlucky enough to tune in a few minutes after the contextual introduction listened in horror and fled for the hills.

As a special Halloween treat, JKP! is proud to present this performance in its entirety. I’ve mentioned my fondness for audiobooks and radio dramas before, and they don’t get much better than this. It’s the little touches– the stutters, the stumbles, the awkward pauses– that really make this one feel real. Despite being almost 3/4ths of a century in age, this performance still manages to raise a few hairs on the back of my neck with every listen.

Turn off the lights, kick back, and enjoy a true classic from the golden age of radio. Happy Halloween!

War of the Worlds – Orson Welles & the Mercury Theatre, 1938

Click here to download! (.mp3, 28.7 mb)

Hey there folks, my name is Ricky Bryant Jr. Freelance artist, extended friend of the JKP crew, and professional non-threatening person of color.

A few weeks back, some friends and I made the trek to the big city for the 2012 edition of New York Comic-Con. I took a ridiculous amount of pictures and video both in and out of the Javits Center and I thought I’d share them with this fine blog. Cause you know…relevant interests and all that jazz. Jump froggy!

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JKP is going to be at Dragon*Con this weekend, and we want to meet YOU! We have two official meetups planned:

  • one on FRIDAY at 5:00p and
  • another on SATURDAY at 4:00p.

Both meetups will take place in the general vicinity of the Pulse Bar in the Marriott lobby.

For easy identification/introduction, commit the faces on our podcast’s “About” Page to memory. Brandon will be there! Josh will be there! Zack will be there on Friday! Tom will be there on Saturday, sorta! Harrison will be there question mark? (He’s a busy man.) Also present: friends of the show, special guests, and a whole buttload of cosplayers. Hope to see you there!

Hit the jump to take a trip down memory lane and witness some of JKP’s D*C adventures from 2010!

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