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JKP! Ep.287: Big Prop Energy – Jump Kick Punch!

It’s hot as hell, JKPeers, so grab a frosty beverage and join Brandon, Liz, Tom and Kyle for some cool-headed discussions on Summer Games Done Quick 2018, some “interesting” Sonic the Hedgehog movie casting news, the big, dumb Star Wars “manifesto,” a spoiler-free dip into Incredibles 2, Lasseter’s official ousting from Disney/Pixar, and more.

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One comment on “JKP! Ep.287: Big Prop Energy

  1. I’m curious about the movie “sorry to bother you”, but I hold a couple of reservations about it. I’ll absolutely hold my opinion about the movie until I’ve had a proper viewing and what I’m about to say is all speculation. I’m hoping this will offer a insightful critique of the doublethink epidemic that minority communities have to suffer through in order to change their socio-economic status and increase their social mobility. Being as doublethink is incredibly taxing and harmful to mental health, i’m hoping that this movie will make people more aware of the social structures/practices that are in place which force people behave in this way, and encourage society to change those structures/practices.

    What I worry is that it will more than likely encourage people to reject doublethink, stick to their principles, but also find value in having a low socio-economic status. Or rather, they might say that it’s nobler to endure the struggle of an impoverished life, than to compromise your values to become more successful. And while I agree with the later half of that statement, I don’t think anyone should have to struggle to survive in order to live without compromising their values. I always wonder why does it have to be one or the other? Why can’t people increase their socio-economic standing without having to compromise their values/beliefs/personage/etc? My current understanding is that the systems and structures of our society are incredibly bias to one specific culture/peoples/values and we would need to redesign and change a lot of the current systems in order to prevent this.

    anyways, what do you guys think? am I off or am I just stating the obvious here? grass is green, sky is blue and our society is broken?


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