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JKP! Ep.279: Carly Rejection – Jump Kick Punch!

“Can we call it Ship Hop?”

There’s a storm a-brewin’, JKPeers, so let’s cut to the chase: this week’s overdue show has a Nintendo Direct (focusing on Splatoon 2’s Octo Expansion and Super Smash Bros. for Switch), the latest trailer for Avengers: Infinity War, a brief overview of Sonic Mania Plus (hello, Mighty and Ray!), a brief intro to Thundercat, some chatter on A Wrinkle in Time, and reflections on incoming and outgoing Disney matters. Plus: listener emai-[THUNDERCLAP]

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One comment on “JKP! Ep.279: Carly Rejection

  1. I am really digging the splatoon right now. I’ve been able to play with folks that I haven’t seen in ages cause we live in different countries, and I’ll probably pick up the expansion when it comes out. the only down side is no multiplayer modes for people using the same console. I picked up a second set of controllers thinking this would be a thing my gf and I could play together, but sadly that is not the case ( i should have done more research before made my purchases)

    Also, holy snot that smash brothers trailer is intense. Im stoke to play it only cause I haven’t played smash since the n64. I’m definitely picking that up when it’s available.

    if anyone wants to add me on switch my friend code is sw-6875-6892-4293. I posted this in the discord but it may have been buried, and I don’t hop on the discord that much.


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