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JKP! Ep.278: Distressums – Jump Kick Punch!

“What the hell’s a Vegeta?”

Black Panther was pretty gosh dang good, you guys! Whether you agree or don’t, join Liz, Kyle, Brittany, Sarah, Tom and Brandon as they discuss the finer points of Black Panther— as much as they’re qualified to, at least. Then, after the break, the gang offers a Janelle Monae crash course, nods pointedly in favor of the movie Annihilation, and tosses out a few sick burns on asshole authors. Plus: listener emails!

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One comment on “JKP! Ep.278: Distressums

  1. The more I think about black panther, the more I think I really enjoyed the movie. Killmonger was the closest to something I’ve been wanting to see on the big screen for a while. I can’t explain why but I’ve been really wanting to see something like a tragedy or cautionary tale of someone with good intentions becoming just completely corrupted, or being so convinced of their actions that they fail to see the damage they’ve done until it unequivocally bites them in the ass. Someone who is relatable and sympathetic but making arguably bad choices and have it fail on them because yes they are bad choices.

    Also I fucking loved Shuri. I saw so much of myself in her, and it was so cool to see that represented on the screen. As the younger sibling who is smaller, not necessarily as strong but who is maybe more intelligent than my older sibling, I loved that she was in many ways as powerful, competent and independent as T’Challa. I get why she was less of a focus for the movie, but she was now way a lesser character. It was incredible, and as you say amazingly familiar and honest. Their interactions felt so genuine.

    I also mentioned that I felt like something was lacking in at the end movie, and I don’t think that’s the case anymore. I think I was just hit with the tragic weight of the final death killmonger death scene. It was sad, and impactful and I felt that the victory was undercut by how meaningful or relatable killmonger was. I think it was the same instance with civil war, where like, ya captain america “won” but everythings fucked up now and that’s not good.

    I’m not super familiar with directors and the behind the scenes stuff of movie making, but I have to say, Black Panther felt like a more natural progression of Captain America, in that there is the undercut of the “victory” at the end of the movie. I feel like the emotional and story elements have been developing and gaining momentum since the start of captain america and this was just a damn good extension of that.

    also good music is good. Ya’ll should do more music recommendations


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