The date? Z-Day, of course. The place? Oh, buddy. We’re in the Kylezone now.

Our dear Kyle is hosting this week’s episode as Zack returns to enthrall Tom, Liz, Josh (and yes, Brandon) with his insights and wisdom. Topics include the new Mario Bros. movie announcement, confused excitement for Kingdom Hearts III, some paradigm-shifting Rise of the Ninja Turtles promo art, the perils of Fortnite and PUBG, and much, much, much more.

(Listener emails? You bet your ass there are listener emails.)

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2 comments on “JKP! Ep.277: The Kylezone

  1. Not that anyone reads the comments anymore, but can I jump on the positivity train for the switch. Holy balls do I love this system. Its super comfy to hold and really nice to transition between mobile and docking system, and the battery life is fantastic. I tend to leave mine in the doc because I have a habit of doing some josh style game play, and sit for hours on end, but lately I’ve been playing BOTW and been using the dog head joycon controller thing, and the battery life on those joycons are incredible. I looked it up, and i think it said there was like a 40hour battery life on those before recharging, and then it’s between 3-6 hours for full recharge. I wish the library was a bit bigger/ had more third party development, but honestly, this system genuinely rivals the N64 for how much I’ve played it, and I still have/ play my N64.

    that is one damn fine system. I still don’t know the purpose of friend codes yet, but then I tend to stick to single player games anyways. but if anyone wants to add me, my friend codes is 6875 6892 4293


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