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JKP! Ep.276: Double Tomicide – Jump Kick Punch!

“This is a cahoot. We are now in cahoots.”

We had such plans for our darling Thomas, dear listener. But the best laid plans, etc etc, so Brandon, Liz and Kyle focus, instead, on attending live Bit Brigade shows, dabbling in Monster Hunter World, and exploring the indie worlds of Iconoclasts and Celeste. Then, after the break, the trio discusses shocking TV, from Devilman Crybaby (big time spoilers) to Black Mirror (ALSO big time spoilers) and beyond. Plus, PLUS– a listener email! Two, technically. But really one. It’s not a big deal. Don’t worry about it.

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2 comments on “JKP! Ep.276: Double Tomicide

  1. Patrick Jan 31, 2018

    Hey peeps,

    Liz requested it so here is my recommendations and some “did you knows” of Black Mirror Season 4:

    At the end of USS Callister when the go to the new place in the story you hear a familiar voice telling them to get out of his space. This voice is Aaron Paul which you would know him as Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad.

    Jodi Foster Directed Arkangle

    The episodes I would recommend are USS Callister, Hang the DJ, Metal Head, and the Black Museum. Crocodile is okay but you will definitely need a break because the main character does some really terrible stuff.


    • Thanks, Patrick! I enjoyed Hang the DJ and Metal Head well enough, but they were pretty straightforward. Black Museum was as dark and twisted as I want from a Black Mirror episode. Good recs!


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