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JKP! Ep.270: Jam City – Jump Kick Punch!

“You still believe in the moon?”

It’s a Thanksgiving miracle! Brandon, Josh, Liz, Kyle, Tom, Harrison AND Emily are all at the table this week to hold hands in the spirit of Turkey Day togetherness. If that doesn’t work, they’ll just have to talk about the potential of Rian Johnson’s all-new Star Wars trilogy, the untimely death of Marvel Heroes, more of Wolfenstein I and II, and the very specific disappointments of Sonic Forces. If that doesn’t sound like a lot, don’t you worry– this one goes alllll over the place.

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3 comments on “JKP! Ep.270: Jam City

  1. Patrick Nov 22, 2017

    To respond to Lee’s email:

    The Sega Mini or Flashback/Ultimate Portable Console is made by AtGames and is partially liscensed by Sega. The emulator they use is decent and has minor issues matching the originals consoles color/sounds. The home version plays Genesis carts which is a major plus but to be honest it’s only slightly as good as the original console.

    I can’t exaplain how happy I am that Harrison talked about Tokyo Extreme Racer because I played the crap out of that game. They actually fixed the online feature on the Xbox but it was very inconsistent and wasn’t really needed because on its own it was a great game!


  2. Also Sarah Nov 24, 2017

    Three names suggestion: Huey, Lewis, and The News


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