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JKP! Ep.263: Flavor Valleys – Jump Kick Punch!

“We have a corn.”

BLT is BACK, baby. Join Brandon and Liz for brief sort-of-countdown to Sonic Mania’s release, then get comfy as Tom joins the table to discuss the debut of Disney XD’s new DuckTales, Nick Robinson’s dick pics, and begrudging yet inevitable addictions to The Adventure Zone.

“Are there listener emails too?” You bet your bottom dollar, buster. Great question, by the way. Thanks for asking.

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One comment on “JKP! Ep.263: Flavor Valleys

  1. The reboot I don’t want to see? Encyclopedia Brown. The existence of the internet has made the entire premise both more relevant but at the same time completely outdated. Inevitably, the reboot would be tweaked to comport with our modern expectation of unlimited information at our fingertips. They would rename the main character “Wikipedia Jones” or “Google Boy.” It would be a complete wreck.

    Also, how did you cover soft boys and fail to acknowledge the true OG, the softest of boys, my lion-faced heart-throb: Tom! Hey Tom, Polygon’s looking to fill their soft boy opening, you should insert yourself into the conversation!


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